'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Shocking New Cast Is Confirmed

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills While rumors have been circulating about who's in and who's out when it comes to season three of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, tonight comes word about who made the final cut. According to Radar Online, the contracts have been signed, and the lineup is full of surprises -- not all of them good ones.

We already knew that Camille Grammer is out. What exactly happened is unclear -- if she was fired or left on her own accord -- but it is disappointing. I would have liked to see her come back for another season MUCH more than I would a few of the others who will be coming back.

Others like Taylor Armstrong! I simply can't believe that Bravo is bringing her back. I won't say I can't believe she's agreed to come back, because I can believe she'd do pretty much anything for a little publicity, but it's just wrong on so many levels after the suicide of her husband Russell Armstrong. Plus, she's just not even fun to watch because she's so needy and fragile.

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All of the rest of the cast -- minus Camille -- is coming back as well, including Kyle AND Kim Richards. Kyle is no big surprise, but Kim has been through so much with her substance abuse problems and rehab, I'm a little worried about her stepping right back into the spotlight again. However, she and Kyle together make for an interesting dynamic, so I can't say she won't make for good viewing at least.

Adrienne Maloof and Lisa Vanderpump will be returning as well, which is ... meh. I could take or leave them on the show, honestly. All their gads of money is fun to gawk at, but they don't drive a whole lot of drama to the show. I think at least one of them could have been sacrificed for some hot new blood.

Speaking of hot new blood, that's the best news when it comes to the contracts that have been signed -- Brandi Glanville is coming back for more. She's by far the best thing about the show, and I can't wait to see what more she brings.

As for any newcomers, the site says model Yolanda Hadid, wife of music producer David Foster, may be coming on board. With celebrity friends aplenty, she could be an interesting addition. Other reports say Diana Roque Ellis, a friend of Adrienne's, could spice things up. In any case, I can't wait to see how it all plays out.

How do you think the cast for season three of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is shaping up?


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nonmember avatar La Gran Beba

I'm pretty sure that they're bringing Taylor (or whatever her real birth-name is) back to dissuade her from filing a frivolous lawsuit against Bravo. I'll miss Camille because she was the unlikely-voice-of-reason last Season.

nonmember avatar rachel

If Taylor is coming back, I cannot bear to watch it. She is not real at all. Something is really wrong with her. In my opinion she is very close to being a sociopath.

nonmember avatar Suzi

I was so disappointed that Taylor was returning to the Housewives, she is such a bore & cry baby - she adds nothing to the concept of the "housewives of Beverly Hills", & certainly drags the story line of the show down.

Kim Mitchell Berry

Bleh pretty sure I am done with all the Housewives shows and I never thought I would say that. They have all gotten boring and have a staged feeling.

nonmember avatar tressa38

Im glad the whole cast is returning. I just wish Camille had stayed. I think it is better to keep the original ladies on so we can see year to year how they grow or change for the good or bad. When you bring an outsider in I think it helps to fill in boring time. But when the originals come back just themselves to discuss their lives I thing thats the best way. On a reality show you need to keep all the orig. on that what makes the show is the different characters and how things change or stay the same. You cant just keep throwing new people in the group it throws it off balance. Its fine like if they would just keep Brandi is a minor role.

Louise Junior Dover

I don't like Taylor; she's weird and her lips make me uncomfortable. And I absolutely DESPISE Brandi. Love Adrienne, Lisa and Kyle. Kim I can take or leave. So basically, the only real change is that Camille is gone - which is sad because I really liked her. Maybe Brandi will fall and break both her legs this season and she'll be out for the season.

nonmember avatar Jenny Wakefield

Although I do not believe in picking on anyone, I just can't stand Taylor. I can not believe Bravo is bringing LambChop Lips back again. She has never brought anything to the show. There is enough drama in the world without watching the rants & tantrums of Taylor. totally disgusting they are bringing her back.
Bravo can count me & many others out.

Cjaye57 Cjaye57

I wish Taylor would have stayed off!!!  She's gotten where all she does is talk bad about OK Brandy Go figure. She really needs to go!  Whatever Brandy has said to Taylor she has brought on herself.

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