'DWTS' Recap: Jaleel White Has an Embarrassing Secret

It was the third night of dance during Season 14 of Dancing With the Stars and it was also most fans' favorite night. This is the night where all of the stars tell THEIR stories and dance to songs that mean something to them.

This week meant finding the "most memorable week" of their lives and choreographing a dance to that. For some -- Donald Driver, Katherine Jenkins, Sherri Shepherd, and Melissa Gilbert -- it worked. For others -- Jack Wagner, Gavin DeGraw, and Maria Menounos -- it did not.

Who told Maria Menounos that it was a good idea to set a slow dance to "Material Girl"? FAIL. And she wasn't the only one.

While William Levy spoke of political prisoners in his family and Katherine Jenkins teared up at the memory of her father dying, Gavin DeGraw sobbing over having perfectly supportive (and alive) parents and Jaleel White breaking down over "just wanting to entertain people" seemed really humiliating.

That is always the danger with this show. For every Rob Kardashian emotional depth surprise, you also get a Kristin Cavallari, "I am so shallow my deepest thought it set to Ricky Martin" cringe-fest.

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The problem is, if the deepest song you can think of is "Material Girl" while Donald Driver is too choked up from thinking about the death of his best friend, you aren't going to look very deep. Even if you are! Poor Maria.

In fact, her story WAS kind of meaningful. Her parents were janitors for goodness sake. But she needed a better song and generally a little more depth about the whole thing.

The same thing could be said about DeGraw. I appreciated FINALLY seeing him take off his hat (though I now know why he wears it), but why was he so sad about something that was a HAPPY story? He has a really supportive family and a booming career? Bully for him! Why are we sobbing?

As for Jack Wagner, there are no words. His "lost daughter" needed a lot more explanation. I wasn't going to get emotional about a situation that seemed highly sketchy from what I could gather. Who doesn't know they have a daughter for 17 years? My research tells me she was given up for adoption by a woman without asking Jack, which is reasonable enough, but the whole thing was just a bit bizarre.

I also think it will do him in. My guess is either he or DeGraw is on the chopping block for Tuesday night.

Still, it was Jaleel White whose performance had the most mystery. Rumors were swirling that he had some kind of major meltdown in rehearsals last week. Whether it's true or not, he was certainly overly emotional when talking to an almost humiliating degree. Whoa dude. Must chill. There is something up with him for sure.

Did these stories move you?


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Destiny Hall Lewis

HA! As soon as I saw Gavin's head I told my husband I'd NEVER take a hat off either! HOLY NOGGIN BATMAN!Jaleel was just incredibly odd. At first I was convinced he was not really crying and was making fun of everyone else who had an actual sob story... I honestly thought he was trying to be funny! Katherine is my fav to win it...


I was truly touched by Jack Wagner's story. He didn't know he had a daughter until she found him last year. I was also touched by Levy and Jenkins. Can you imagine growing up in Cuba and never seeing fruit or butter?

I found the others "crying" very fake. I "thought" I liked White but I'm finding him very demanding and self absorbed.

shell... shellyplatz

Why does there always have to be some big secret? Why can't the dude just be emotional?

Kathleen Anderson

Did you see Maria's dance?  You might not have picked it........but it did work and was very beautifully done.

Maybe next season you should be on the show and not an arm chair quarter back or you could take on of the judges places.


Ashley Rewakowski

I'm lucky enough to call Gavin a friend of mine. Watching the show last night (which I'm not a fan of but am watching this season to support him) I was teary eyed. Gavin (as well as his brother) consider themselves beyond lucky to have parents and grandparents as amazing as theirs. Not everyone has parents that would drop everything, sell their house and cars and transfer jobs just so their kids could try to "make it" in NYC. I think if any of us had had a similar situation, we'd be emotional too.

nonmember avatar Taz

who cares?

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