Sarah Palin May Beat Katie Couric at Her Own Game (VIDEO)

Sarah PalinGet your coffee ready; you're going to want to be wide awake this week when it comes to the morning talk shows. As if it weren't exciting enough that Katie Couric is going to be co-hosting Good Morning America, now her former home, the Today show, has announced that they're adding a jolt this week by welcoming none other than Sarah Palin as co-host this Tuesday. And no, it's no April Fool's Day prank.

Can you say brilliant? It's hard to forget the interview Couric did with Palin in 2008 that went all sorts of wrong for Palin. It was the one in which she blundered on about Alaska being close to Russia, thereby giving her foreign policy cred, and in which she couldn't name any periodicals she'd read. Basically, it pretty much made her look pretty silly.

Now it's Palin's turn to get some revenge of sorts, and I think she just may best Katie at her own game.


Politically, I'm not a fan of Palin. I shudder to think of her leading our country, BUT I do think she's a fascinating, smart, and engaging woman. I think co-hosting the Today show is a perfect place for her, and I can't wait to see what she brings.

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I've long been a fan of Katie, but with her we know what to expect -- bubbly, cute, smiley, personable. Great, but I think Sarah will bring all that and more, and I think people want to see what Sarah has to offer -- even if they say they can't stand her.

On the Today show website, they promise, "She'll reveal a different side of her than you've seen before." I can't imagine what that might be, but I'll be tuning in, you betcha.

Who would you rather watch in the morning -- Katie Couric or Sarah Palin?


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