Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart in Steamy '50 Shades of Grey': Yes! Yes! Yes!

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50 shades of greyHave you read 50 Shades of Grey yet? I haven't, because I'm not into the whole digital reader thing, but I can't wait to pick up a hard copy once they hit book store shelves so that I too can indulge in this guilty "mommy porn" pleasure that everyone is buzzing about. It sounds realllly steamy -- and steamy is good.

And I guess it's really not a huge shock that the book is also being turned into a movie. It'll do well at the box office no matter what, but if producers are smart, they'll definitely cast Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the lead roles.

OMG. What Twihard wouldn't want to see those two get it on as hot blooded human beings? The sex scene in Breaking Dawn was ok -- but it really wasn't all that spicy. But can you imagine how hot scenes between Rob and Kristen would be in this flick? I'm blushing already.

They are seriously the perfect actors for the movie's two lead roles. Consider the plot of the story and then try and come up with a better duo than Kristen and Rob to heat up the screen. (Bet you can't!)

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It centers around a 21-year-old female college student who begins a romance with a wealthy older man, who ultimately gets her all into S&M. Can't you picture Rob as the mysterious, sexy entrepreneur who can't resist a young and very impressionable Kristen? The characters suit them perfectly. Hmm. It's almost like the book was written with the two of them in mind in the hopes that a movie would be made.

And judging from a comment that Stewart made about the possibility of starring opposite Rob in the film, it sounds like this may actually happen! Supposedly she heard her honey-bunny talking about the film version of the book with their producer. I don't want to get my hopes up -- but even thinking about the two of them starring in this flick is enough to spice up my day as a suburban work-at-home-mom. I'll take whatever excitement I can get.

Who would you cast in 50 Shades of Grey?


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nonmember avatar KLC

The book WAS writing with them in mind. IF you knew that this book was originally a Fanfiction story before it was produced. It stared and centrally revolved around the Twilight characters, Edward and Bella. When it was produced, they changed their names. But yes, it was an original fiction created with those two in mind. Hence the pick for those two actors.

nonmember avatar natalie

Ummm this story was a ripp off of the Twilight movies and stories. Why would they allow this to be made into a movie?? She used Edward and Bella as the characters in the ORIGIONAL version that was available FREE in the Twilight fanfiction world...and to cast Robert and Kirsten in this would be gross anyway. They need to cast some unknown adults for this.

Shannon Hoff

OMG Please do not put those two into the movie. Sweet heaven no.

Stacey Schmidt

Please dont' cast them too I'm sorry but i just don't agree with you on the fact that they should be in it. Rob yeah but Kristen cant act. I'm sorry to say that but I didnt like her in twilight wouldn't like her in this one either

Danielle Billy

you said it right no 2 better then kristen and robert 

i.hea... i.heart.nerds

Just another movie I don't bother watching if Kristen 'can't act' Stewart is in it. No thanks!

nonmember avatar Lori Julian

Ok...fist off it is not a rip off of the Twilight books. Do you really even know the history of this? It is a FF. Which means the only thing it has in common with Twilight is the characters NAMES! Nothing else. The story line is COMPLETELY different! They always are. You just picture these 2 when you read it! Jeez people get off the knock off, plagiarism crap! I hope Icy/E L makes millions of of this! I would love to see Rob and Kristen in it..but I would highly doubt they will! Love me some "50"!! ;)

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