Octomom's Topless Photo Shoot Was Just a Matter of Time

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Hey, remember Octomom? Sure you do: lady named Nadya Suleman, long dark hair, has kind of a lot of kids? As you might guess, Suleman has endured some financial difficulties since birthing all forty jillion 14 of her children, and she even went on Oprah a while back to chat with famed money guru Suze Orman.

At the time, Orman suggested cutting back on certain luxuries like, say, the $8,000 (!!!) Suleman had spent on toys the previous Christmas, but whatever life changes Suleman may have made since then apparently haven't been enough to pay the bills—because she finally took an offer to pose nude for a magazine.

Well, nude enough, anyway. Aside from the two strategically-placed hands and a pair of flesh-toned panties, she certainly shows a LOT of skin in the British magazine Closer.

While Suleman's had several NC-17 offers in the past, she's always turned them down. In 2009 Vivid Entertainment tried to tempt her with a $1 million dollar paycheck for starring in her own porn flick, and followed up with an offer of $500,000 in 2010 for a single hardcore scene.

According to Suleman, she's okay with the topless Closer shoot because it's a women's magazine … and because the images weren't "hyper-sexualized." Most importantly, however, she needed the cash, and she's not ashamed of accepting $10,000 for showing off her body.

You know, I don't blame her a bit. I think she's nuttier than a fruitcake, but who cares if she wants to strip for a magazine? Frankly, it seems like showing some skin is way less creepy than telling Oprah all about how she tried to fill the hole in her life with babies.

Of course, Suleman didn't just pose for the cameras (and while I give her full credit for looking damn good after having 14 kids, girlfriend seriously needs some better lighting), she also provided Closer with a lengthy interview, in which she sounds just as strange as ever. She talks about her workout routine and diet and all that, but goes on to describe how she "trained her children so well," and that there's "never been a time I’ve regretted having so many."


She also says she's celibate and stays that way by downplaying her amazing looks:

I get way too much male attention, but I won’t date until the octuplets are 18 – I live for them now. I know a lot of women like male attention, but I’ll go out with no make-up on and wear tracksuits, a wig and even a fake pregnancy stomach to put them off.


At any rate, it sounds like she's happy enough these days (if possibly a little on the COMPLETELY INSANE side), and if she can use her quasi-celebrity status to put food on the table, more power to her. She'll have to consider, though, that if she eventually changes her mind on the porn thing, the Closer shoot apparently affected her worth as a future skin star. Vivid has already put forth a new offer of just $100,000 to appear in three hardcore sex scenes, explaining that "Regrettably your market value has diminished."

What do you think of Octomom's topless shoot? Weird, or whatever pays the bills?

Image via Closer magazine



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Sweet... SweetPieMama24

If you actually look at the pictures really close - they look completely photoshopped & fake. Her chest is three different colors, and unless she has a cream triangle in the middle of her left boob - then it's just weird. All the pictures look weird. It's like they just took pics of her and extremely cropped and digitally enhanced things but with horrible pixeling

stron... strontium

@ sweetpie, I noticed that as well... she looks blocky and multi colored.


Megankae Megankae

Lol at nuttier than a fruit cake. Omg soooo true!

nonmember avatar lilias

Um, yeah, men stare at you for the same reason they stare at a car crash...that's not "male attention," it's freakshow gawking!

nonmember avatar Michelle

$8,000 on TOYS? Then this $10,000 won't go very far in her massively screwed up money management system. And TEN grand? Really? Sort of pathetic that no American magazine gave a crap what she looked like naked, and I agree with the above commenters that yes, the pic looks ridiculously fake!

nonmember avatar Ragan

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to put food on the table for your family...at least someone will pay her to see her s!

Vegan... VeganVixen

She doesn't care about male attention yet she got a tummy tuck?! Suuuuurrre... She wants to wear a fake preggo belly to turn men off? Lol why didn't she just keep her stretched out skin b stretch marked stomach then?! She's not fooling anyone.

Kediset Kediset

I found the pics traumatizing D: she's not as attractive as she thinks she is . not without cheating anyhow

Tina Bryant Williams

Whether she does or did , it is like this so many fuss about the cost of her kids, and taking government money to support them. I see like this a mother will do what ever it takes to take care of her kids, so with that being said not that I like the idea of women doing those things but if that is what and all she has to beable to do for her kids. Then let it be.

Den Teylor

she released that www.OctoPorno.com movie already

what a shame....

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