Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy Breakup Rumors Might Become a Reality

bethenny frankel jason hoppyI knew it was only a matter of time before the rumor mill started churning out stories about Bethenny Frankel and Jason Hoppy calling it quits. But it pains me nonetheless.

A new report is claiming that Jason and Bethenny's relationship has gotten really bad, and Jason's reached his breaking point. Recently, he, allegedly, stormed out of their brand new $5 million loft -- with daughter Bryn in tow -- and shacked up at nearby hotel to avoid spending another minute with his reality star wife. A source claims that Jason's over Bethenny's diva ways, saying, “He can’t take it anymore, so he’s been doing everything on his own.”

Really, guys? It's come to this already? You haven't even been together that long! The heck?

I honestly don't know who to believe in this whole mess. I mean, on one hand, Jason does seem like a really nice guy -- and you never see this alter-ego of his Bethenny (constantly) speaks of. On the other, Bethenny constantly speaks of this alter-ego. There has to be some truth to it, right? I mean, I certainly don't think the guy is a monster, but he can't possibly be smiles and roses all the time. If he is, then I guess Bethenny is flat-out nutso-burgers.

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Regardless of who's right and who's wrong, though, there was a point when they were really good together -- cute, in fact. How could they have gone from that to ... this in such a short period of time? It doesn't make any sense. Reality TV has to be the thing to blame.

Since the beginning, Bethenny and Jason's relationship has been documented on TV. Every aspect of it. Their courting. Their wedding planning. Their wedding. The birth of their child. And now the aftermath. How could they possibly function as a normal couple with cameras shoved in their face 24:7?

Look, it sounds like both these crazy kids have things they need to change about themselves -- it can't all be one person. But I do think Bethenny needs to cut Jason a little bit of slack. It literally is all about her, all the time. I don't think many people could handle that -- especially her.

It'd be a damn shame if B and J broke up -- especially for their adorable little daughter. Hopefully they'll both just get over themselves and do what's right for their family.

Would you be bummed if Bethenny and Jason broke up?

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Cakeg... Cakegirl0905

No, not bummed. Maybe for their little girl, but who could stay married to her?

nonmember avatar Sarah

I don't understand why they can't see that their own reality show is hurting them. They need to shut down the show and really really focus on themselves. Just get out of the public eye.

nonmember avatar JP

Oh it would make me so sad to see them split up :(

Antoinette McCrea

a normal guy like him cant handle a loose cannon screwball like Bethany. He should loosen up a bit though, things will level out after the reality fame fades

Charlotte Scheuer

I think Bethenny needs to get over herself.  I love her husband and if she doesn't work to save her marriage versus saving her reality tv fame, then she sure has the wrong priorities in my opinion...


Carol Opie

I don't believe one word of this gossip.  Say whatever you want about these people; they aren't breaking up because neither one of them are quitters.  Not gonna happen.  I'm not sure it's a great idea to broadcast your relationship the way that they do; but how much are they really showing us??  It is a bit lop sided with Bethenny having worked for the fame, but I don't see them calling it quits after just 2 years.

nonmember avatar Tonya

It's unfortunate for the child, but seriously, if he's escaping, more power to him.

nonmember avatar Tula

shame,shame, shame, you just linked your story to a well known gossip site and there is not one bit of truth to it. Jason is not going anywhere , they rented a hotel room to celebrate their anniversary, Jason sent her flowers and they are getting ready to celebrate their second anniversary wedding. Had you take the time to double check this story you would know that it was a lie, I just checked Bethenny's twitter and they are having a romantic night just to themselves.

Maria Foster

I hope Carol is right.  Even if he did leave for the night, Jason seems like the type of committed guy to keep trying no matter what and Bethenny will too just to say she did because he said she wouldn't.  Whether that's the right or wrong reason doesn't matter because she's in therapy and  she'll get to the right reason hopefully....

nonmember avatar micki

Bethany should get over herself, she is so self absored, she has a beautiful child get the heck off TV and have a life w/Jason he seems to be a nice guy and his family are great and she has such a attitude about them, she needs a reality check and not the one from TV.

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