'16 & Pregnant' Recap: Mackenzie & Katie Should Scare Moms of Girls

The new season of MTV's hit show 16 and Pregnant started Tuesday night and from the looks of it, this season is going to be just as depressing as all the past ones.

Tonight's moms were Mackenzie, a pretty little cheerleader from Oklahoma whose whole life was altered by the arrival of her (nearly 10 pound) baby boy and Katie, whose story was pretty much the same -- Broken ambition, family issues, and depressing, sob, sob.

As I got ready to watch the show, my husband had a slip up and asked me if I was watching "16 and Pathetic." Indeed, it sort of felt like I was.

Mackenzie is a girl who is only a junior in high school (he was born the first day of her junior year) and now she is a mom -- a mom who makes money from recycling cans, no less. If that is not depressing, I don't know what is.

Truth be told, Mackenzie is a fine girl. She is a little whiny, sure, but generally her priorities are right. She went right back to school, she highly prioritized her own interests (cheer-leading) and she is clearly in love with her baby daddy.

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But even with all those benefits and happy things, her life is still sad. If nothing more, I hope this show serves as a reminder to girls that the things they love will go away if they make bad decisions.

Mackenzie's biggest love was cheer-leading and her determination to get back into it was admirable. I can't judge it given my first run after birth was only five days later. Even still, watching her try to do her tumbling with her baby sleeping on the sidelines was a truly sad scene.

After Mackenzie, we were treated to the story of Katie, who also had big dreams. She wanted to go to college in Denver and grad school for psychology. I will say this for her: Unlike Mackenzie, Katie is not a stereotype, which, in many ways, makes it even more sad.

The scene where she tells her friend about turning down the college of her dreams to have a baby, I actually cried. It is almost more sad when the girls actually had direction.

Unlike Amber or Jenelle who probably would be doing the same things they are -- getting into legal trouble and bar brawls -- both Katie and Mackenzie could have done something else.

As the mom of a daughter, watching these girls is a sobering reminder that in 11 years, I will have a 16-year-old daughter and I can only hope and pray that she makes better decisions than these girls, both of whom willfully did not take birth control, Mackenzie because she did not want to "gain weight" and Katie just because. It's hard not to scream at the TV when you hear people talk like that.

It's a mom's nightmare. I just hope my own children keep their ambition in mind, even in the heat of the moment. Or, better yet, I hope they wait until after high school to have sex.

Babies are a blessing, sure. But they are a blessing for which timing is everything. There is nothing happy about two girls whose dreams were altered before they could even open their wings. It is just sad. And yes, it's pathetic, too.

Oh 16 & Pregnant, you kill this mom. What a heartbreaking show.

Did these episodes make you sad, too?


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nonmember avatar bobbi hill

I was a mom at 17 got pregnant at 16 a step family member got me that way. If I could talk to these girls r any teenager Plz dnt have kids till u hve finished school maybe sum college but deff a job and a.man that is goin to help support u and a child. I am now about to.turn 30 and I hve five kids it only gets harder and more.expensive.

nonmember avatar april33

Yea! New season of 16 and Stupid! What all these girls seem to have in common is a lack of continuous, honest discussions about sex and birth control. 90% of them have said "we were using something" Bullshit! If you used a condom 5 times out of 6, or forgot your pill for two days, then, sorry, darling, YOU WERE NOT USING BIRTH CONTROL WHEN YOU GOT KNOCKED UP!!! Parents need to set their immature squeamishness aside and make sure kids have ALL the facts, not just the cliff notes!

nonmember avatar brandi

I totally understand what you are saying, but I am a senior in high school and I have an eighteen month old daughter. I am graduating next month. I am going to college also, not all teen parents are like that and sometimes your blogs are hurtful. I love reading them but sometimes things are worded wrong.

nonmember avatar britney

i miss it

Kelby Bentley

I have to disagree with some of this. My story is a bit backwards than these girls.. I rebeled an got into legal troubles.. then I found out I was pregnant at 19 and that changed everything! I straightened my butt up quick and went back to school for my high school diploma! My son is my top priority, I'm living the right way, and I now manage a store that will be mine soon! In ways these girls seem to be a bit immature.. maybe the reality of maturity hasn't sunk in yet? My secret was to stay positive and focus on me and my son.. not friends or whatever. What's sad is watching these girl make their own life hell over bs and then whining abt it instead of takin the old sayin to head: you can do anything you put yuhr mind to!!!

nonmember avatar erincase

@BobbiHill - I'm sure it is hard, but by age 30, how have you not figured out birth control??????? Or English?????

jessi... jessicasmom1

I can't see why it would be top proitiy on tv. I did not have my child untl later in life.. 

MamaD... MamaDee83

Birth control. Condoms, pills, shots, IUDs, abstaining altogether, etc. Whatever you need to do to not become pregnant as a teenager. This comment about not wanting to take birth control because of potential weight gain is just a stupid and ignorant excuse- there are other options!!! AND when you get pregnant, you're going to gain weight anyway, and if you don't breast feed, then you may take longer to lose the weight (I included this because statistically, most teen moms do not nurse their babies). So, if weight is something you want to avoid, pregnancy is not the way to go. Condoms, my friends. They are readily available in most stores!

nonmember avatar Cheyenne

I was not on birth control when I was 18 and got pregnant and had my daughter. The thing was, I was like Jenelle. I went out every night, I did way more drugs than I should have. I drank, popped pills, smoked pot. And thinking about my daughter going out and doing the same thing makes me sick. Getting pregnant saved my life. If I didn't have Natalie, I'd still be some punk trouble maker out on the streets. But if Natalie does make the same mistake, it's going to be okay. I would do everything in my power to make sure she could still go for her dreams, no matter what they are. A baby changes your whole life, and sometimes it's for the better.

momof... momof30609

I have to disagree with alot of this article. Yes, some of the girls on 16 and pregnant have problems. But, your bringing in birth control and how they have options. I know when I was in high school alot of my friends parents would not allow them to be on birth control. They were to nieve to think their daughters would still have sex. I had my son after high school, but not long after. I had gotten pregnant the summer I graduated, and he was born my first year of college. I hear statistics this and statistics that about teen moms, but the fact is my son is five now, and I have finished my bachelors, and am doing pretty well for my son. The saying life is what you make of it comes in at that point. Its up to the parents of these teen girls need to point them in the right direction, because at 16 your mind is not mature enough.  Without that guidance what else do you expect?

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