Team Peeta vs. Team Gale: How to Choose (VIDEO)

liam joshI don't know about you, but I'm so obsessed with trying to figure out if I'm on Team Gale or Team Peeta I can barely remember if I'm on Team Edward or Team Jacob! (What am I saying?? Edward, Edward, Edward.) Audiences were totally divided on opening night of The Hunger Games. Seriously, I'm still deaf in one ear from the tween girl screaming frenzy that erupted the first time Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) appeared on screen; meanwhile, I overheard more mature audience members gabbing about Gale (Liam Hemsworth).

It's a tough call, to be sure. But what if we were making the decision based on which guy is best for Katniss, as opposed to which wins the Contest of Cute?

Let's make a list ...


5 Reasons to Choose Team Peeta:

1. Peeta has loved Katniss 4EVER. Like, hardcore. Ever since she sang that song in school! Poor guy beats himself up over not running out in the rain to give her that bread. I mean, what a doll.

2. Peeta can bake. Cakes, bread ... a guy who loves you AND knows how to whip up a mean buttercream? That's hot.

3. Peeta is artistic. A skilled painter, I bet he'd be a pretty good interior decorator, too.

4. Peeta is strong. If he can toss a 100-pound bag of flour like it's a sack of feathers, imagine how easy it is for him to take out the garbage?

5. Peeta is soooo sweet. Dandelion in the spring, anyone?

5 Reasons to Choose Team Gale:

1. Gale and Katniss go way back. They both lost their dads in the same mining accident ... Gale really gets Katniss, you know?

2. Gale is responsible. He totally took care of her family during The Hunger Games. And he kept his own family fed for years, too (boy can hunt!).

3. Gale is generous. He'd never even consider NOT sharing a piece of bread with Katniss, even if he traded his last squirrel to get it.

4. Gale is badass. I'm not saying you'd ever want a guy to build a bomb for you ... but he could do it.

5. Gale is an idealist. He knew the Capitol had to be taken down way before a lot of other people figured it out -- and he knew he could make it happen.

So, did reading these lists help you to pick a side? Or did they just make you even more confused?

Are you on Team Gale or Team Peeta?

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