Kim Kardashian's Flour Bombing Bully Is Going to Regret Her Big Mess (VIDEO)

Kim Kardashian flour bombed

You go, Kim K! Word that Kim Kardashian has changed her mind and might be pressing charges against the animal activist flour bomber is great news for the world.

Kardashian can't be blamed for not pressing charges against the woman initially. It was only flour, after all, and in the flurry of the moment, with all the OMGs and cameras, she decided to downplay the incident so as not to take away from the charity event she was attending. She was scheduled for an hour and a half, and making a statement at the police station would have eaten into her face time.

But hearing that she was going to let this lady off the hook entirely was kind of infuriating. Bullies come in all shapes and sizes -- and ages -- and this woman is one of them. Just because Kim is a celebrity who puts herself out there and is often the butt of criticism and ridicule does not mean that she does not deserve the same respect as anyone else.

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Part of the grey area was that the heckler used flour -- how harmless can you get? Kim was able to clean herself off perfectly with a blow dryer and towels. No big deal. None of her expensive clothes were ruined. But what if it had been a bucket of fake blood, like activists used to use in the old days? Or some type of hazardous substance? Or a gun?

By pressing charges against this woman Kardashian is sending a powerful message to bullies everywhere that it's fine to have opinions and to voice them. But violence of any kind is just not cool, and will get you into a bit of a mess, and not the type you can easily get rid of with a blow dryer, either.

In case you missed the grand event:

 Do you agree with Kardashian's decision not to let the flour bomber get away with it after all?




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Laura Jerpseth

Kim K is just an attention whore. I don't like her.

paren... parentalrights1

Yes Laura. She called on the lady to dump flour on her.

Of course I agree with her decision not to let an asshole get away with being an asshole. Maybe assholes everywhere will think their assholery through a little better.

nonmember avatar Wendell Holmes

Charges are due, and she handled this well. She wanted to complete her appearance. Good article too.

nonmember avatar Natalie Ferraro

I say Kim, press charges and press them hard. This BS has got to stop! Just because we have freedom of speech, doesn't mean people should be able to abuse it. The madness has got to STOP!

Melis... Melissa042807

If a person cannot think of anything more productive than throwing flour on someone to draw attention to their "cause", which is something a 12 year old would do, they deserve to have charges pressed. Just my opinion. 

pfhunt pfhunt

It is bullying and the bully needs to suffer the conquences of her actions and get help for her mental problems.  Causes are used to justify some of the most horrific acts and it needs to stop!

jonellg jonellg

If some asshat goes to jail for this, while soooo many others go unpunished it wil just show how useless americans have become.

nonmember avatar naomi

really this is ridiculos. What about the george zimmerman? He murdered a young teen boy an is not in jail but this whore gets flour thrown in her hair wtf who cares

Lynette Lynette

I wish she would have pressed charges.  I understand why she didn't.  I hope if anything likes this happens again thst she will stand up for herself.

Barbj... Barbjones68

Really? I mean seriously? This lady is gunna do jail time for throwing flour at some chick, I don't give a rats a** who she is, but yet the dude who killed Trayvon Martin is free???? Casey Anthony goes free???? WTF is going on in this world??!!!!!!! Where is the justice?????????? 

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