Jon Hamm's Porn Film Past Was No Turn-On (VIDEO)

don draperPoor Jon Hamm. You may know him as the lickably-handsome Don Draper on Mad Men. (So excited for the new season!) But did you know he carries a deep, dark secret than he's only now revealing? It's so painful and shameful he almost couldn't bear to talk about it.

Jon Hamm used to be a set dresser for sex movies.

OH THE HUMANITY! You mean he used to have to look at hot, half-naked people? Say it isn't true, because that job description is down there with breaking rocks for a living. The poor man! Listen to him tell us all about this soul-sucking job.


Oh my, yes. That does sound dreadful. I mean, sure it was "Skinemax" porn (so less naked). And of course Jon knew he was destined for greater things while he was on the job -- STARRING in a Skinemax film, for example. Oh I'm joking, he would never. Unless the writing were really good. Maybe then. Hey, think we could actually make this happen?

Ahem, where was I? Oh yes, I was feeling sorry for Jon Hamm for having such a degrading job. By the way, a "set dresser" is just someone who makes sure the scenery and props look right. He's not testing condoms or trying on lingerie or making sure bodies are glistening just so -- which would be much more fun.

Well anyway, we're all glad he finally found his way to Don Draper. And I'm sure the whole weird experience helped make him a better actor.

Can you picture Jon Hamm on the set of a Skinemax movie?


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