‘Bachelorette’ Emily Maynard Isn’t a ‘Gold-Digging Wanna-Be Trophy Wife’

emily maynardEmily Maynard is such a lovely, likable Southern belle of a woman. There can't be a soul out there who has a problem with her, right? Of course you're wrong! Of course there's someone out there who doesn't like Emily Maynard. Because they're jealous! And don't look at me here. Look at her "friend" who called her a gold-digging wanna-be trophy wife. Oh, and who then insinuated that Maynard, who's the new Bachelorette, doesn't have daughter Ricki's best interests in mind. Yowza!

This "friend" of Emily's recently talked to In Touch magazine and said that -- and I quote: "She’s a wannabe trophy wife and a gold digger. That’s all she really cares about.” This person then regaled a story about one of Emily's recent "dates" for the show in which Ricki's elementary school soccer game was filmed in its entirety. Oh, the horror!

Look, talking trash about your supposed friends isn't cool. But talking trash about your supposed friends to a tabloid -- and adding in a few indirect jabs about the kind of parent they are -- damn, that's low.

I don't know Emily personally, obvs, but she certainly doesn't strike me as a "gold digger" or "wanna-be trophy wife." I think lots of women who go on these shows could be classified that way, but I wouldn't throw Emily into that mix. She's a single mom who worked as a hospital event planner -- and whose husband died. Sheesh. Cut the lady some slack.

I think this mystery person is just jealous of Emily. Like lots of people are jealous of Emily. She's a beautiful woman, tons of men are vying for her attention, and hey guess what -- now she's famous. That always brings out the worst in "friends," doesn't it?

Do you think Emily's intentions are legit?

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nonmember avatar Rebeecca Lewis

Emily's husband did not die. She never married the babys father. They were in love and he died in a plane crash. It was truly tragic - but they were never married.

nonmember avatar LJER1959

First of all Emily was not married. Her fiance died. His parents are extremely wealthy and in fact got her the job @ Childrens Hosp. Her home was bought n paid for by his parents. Yes, she is beautiful but lets call a spade a spade. She will find a man that can/will continue to support her in the style she has become accustomed to. Those are the facts and we shouldnt fault her for that. She is a single mom providing for her child.. but bet your ass her dead fiances parents will not let just anyone walk into their lives. He will have to be up to the entire family's standards!! Should be interesting to watch though.. I never thought when it was all said and done, that Brad would be a permanent fixture.. He didnt have the "pedigree" that was needed... Sad but true!!

nonmember avatar tina cauthen

I think Emily is beautiful and very sweet. I have met her in person when her fiance died. She deserves to be happy for herself and her daughter

Charlene M Martin

I think Emily is the most wonderful ideal southern belle.  She is beautiful, confident, an awesome mother and I believe as you said, that her "SUPPOSED" friend is just jealous its not her and needs some attention of her own.  Seems she's willing to forego her friendship with Emily for a little time in the spotlight in a stupid tabloid, so who's the gold digger here???


Jaye Bird

Emily was NOT married, she was engaged but not married.  Her fiance was an Indy race car driver who died in a plane crash....get your facts straight before spouting off please.


nonmember avatar Wendy

Oh, come on! To all of you who are pointing out ad nauseum that Emily was not "married" to the father of her child (like that makes some huge difference in their love or devotion, what with that whole annoying 50% divorce rate), I say, who cares? Clearly they were in love, and likely would have gotten married at some point. That's why his parents supported her (that, and their beloved granddaughter, as I'm sure they were thrilled to have a part of their son live on).

As for the "friend," it's InTouch. Puleeze. I'm sure there WAS no friend. Tabloid writers are paid to make this stuff up.

Patricia Hall Gillespie

I don't think she should have another chance. She already blew it the first time. Don't think I will watch it anymore.

nonmember avatar Kevin

Gold digger? Hmm let's see. She does not and has not worked as an event planner at CMC. She may have volunteered there but she was never an employee. She is known to be on the Nascar dating circuit here in Charlotte. She has not had a job in many years as far as I can find out. So she doesn't work, she hasnt had to pay a bill for her entire adult life, she dates wealthy drivers here, she isnt looking to lock lips with any plumbers on the show. Listen, I dont know her personally but if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck it is very probably a duck. And I do work and do have access to the employment database, past and presend and she has not worked at CMC. You might want to check your facts there Nicole.

nonmember avatar Kevin

One other thing...she dated Ricky Hendrick, son of a billionairre, she dated Dale Earnhardt Jr, country music star Jake Owen and to top it off a wealthy car dealer owner here in Charlotte. I can tell you she wasn't dating the dealership owner for his looks. He's about 5'4" with a pot belly and balding hair. I hate to burst your bubble but she only date's guy's with serious money. Brad made a little money in the bar business but not enough to get her love.

nonmember avatar Kelly

She also dated Jeremy Shockey from the Carolina Panthers. I don't think she would give too much thought to an average Joe that makes $30k a year.

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