Robert Pattinson Nude in 'Cosmopolis' Trailer. Enough Said. (VIDEO)

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robert pattinsonOk -- Robert Pattinson always looks sexy as hell, even when he's not sparkling in the sunlight or showing off any skin. But seeing him in the buff? Yeah, that's a whole other story. I'm no cougar (ok, maybe I am), but the thought or sight of Rob in his birthday suit definitely makes me blush.

A foreign teaser trailer was just released for Cosmopolis, and it shows a lot more of Rob than we ever got to see in Twilight. (Yay!) Of course, he is playing a much more mature role in the film, so I guess it makes sense that we're getting a bit more eye candy this time around.

But it's also kind of funny that Cosmopolis is shaping up to be such a sexy movie, considering the plot is fairly basic. The film is ultimately about a man in New York City who wants to get a haircut, but keeps running into challenges that stop him from actually getting to the barbershop. Wait a minute -- didn't we already see this same story play out on the last season of The Bachelor? (I'm confused.)

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Oh well, if anyone can pull off a simple movie plot, it's definitely Robert Pattinson. Heck -- I'll watch him stand still with a blank stare on his face if it means getting to see him on the big screen for a couple hours.

To see another sneak peek of Rob filming scenes from Cosmopolis, check out the video clip below.

Are you excited to see Cosmopolis when it comes out?


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Danielle Billy

i'm so exited to see him in another movie :)

Betty Harris

I have read some impressive reports on other sites and think this might just be the making of Robert Pattinsons filming career. The peek is very short but edgy and weird...Cant wait...

Karmi... KarmicChild

Seriously?  David Cronenberg makes a new film, and the only article you can think to write consists of a few paragraphs about Robert Pattinson's nudity and how "simple" the plot looks?  Have you ever even seen a Cronenberg film?

nonmember avatar Kay

Ugh. So sick already of the headlines just focusing on the sex and nudity. Cosmopolis is far from simple; in fact I had to read it twice in one sitting to figure out what the heck just happened. It's an acquired taste and not for everyone, but if you are going to see the film I highly recommend reading the book first. The good news is it's short. I actually read it believing Eric Packer is bipolar and suffering a manic episode. He exhibits a lot of the same systems. He's that crazy by the end of it. But please stop objectifying Rob so much, it's not helping him at all.

Oksan... Oksana5041

Am I the only one who doesn't find him attractive?

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