'Teen Moms' Leah Messer & Jenelle Evans Make the Worst Decision on MTV Contract

teen mom 2Good news Teen Mom fans! The first edition of the show is still officially cancelled, but it looks like Teen Mom 2 is safe -- for now anyway. Stars Leah Messer and Jenelle Evans have shot back at rumors that they'd stomped off like petulant teenagers from contract negotiations with MTV.

So call your favorite teenager into the room, plop a box of condoms in his or her lap, and settle down on the couch for some gawking. These two troubled teen mothers are sticking with the reality show! Did you really expect them to make smart decisions now?


If it sounds harsh, let's be realistic here -- these girls signed up for Teen Mom 2 after seeing what it was like for the girls in the first iteration of the show. And they stuck with it. Not to mention they've been tabloid fodder more than their co-stars Kailyn and Chelsea because they've made more mistakes on camera. Knowingly!

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You don't whine about how you are addicted to marijuana (Jenelle!) or cheat on your husband one week before your marriage (Leah!) when a reality show is tracking your every move and win a prize for "most likely to make good choices." If anything, it seems like these two girls court the drama that comes with being on a controversial reality series. I might even say they're a wee bit addicted. And if you don't believe me, have a look-see at how long it took Jenelle to get back on Twitter after she claimed she was going to stay away for a whole month (hint, she didn't make it).

Of course they're sticking with the show! And if you don't believe me, check out the evidence:

Leah's mom, Dawn Spears, came to the defense of her daughter, whose recent pregnancy and miscarriage made her the hot topic of the interwebs. Tweeting that there was no truth to the rumors, she also took particular aim at folks in her hometown who referred to her as the "redneck Kim Kardashian" in the HollywoodLife article that started the buzz about their departure:

they probably got money like others to sale a BS ARTICLE #nothing new

And speaking of money, Jenelle, whose troubles with the law are regular tabloid fodder, admitted her manager has pushed her to go for more cash, but insists that she never said a word about it.

So there we have it, another dumb decision from these two. Can't say I'm surprised, how about you? What do you think Leah and Jenelle should be doing?

Image via MTV

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