Bethenny Frankel's Marriage Doesn't Have a Prayer If She Keeps This Up

bethenny frankelOkay, so can we discuss Bethenny Frankel here for a second? Last night, the fateful "lost at sea" episode of Bethenny Ever After aired -- you know, the bogus one -- and wow, did I feel like I needed to shower after it was over. It was so uncomfortable to watch. I felt dirty and wrong for witnessing what I did.

So, full disclosure here: I'm sort of starting to feel like maybe -- maybe -- Jason isn't as great as everyone thinks he is. Who is? But no good is going to come from airing every single piece of their dirty laundry on television. Not only should their relationship problems not be public knowledge, each time an episode airs, they have to relive every nit-picky comment and argument in real life. It's like, don't you want a break from your issues, guys? I have anxiety just thinking about you two.

I understand that Bethenny is the star of a reality show, and this is what she (and we) signed up for. But is nothing sacred? Her marital problems are literally the main storyline in her show. That's not healthy. No one is 100 percent themselves in front of the camera -- even Bethenny. If they wanted to touch upon some of the issues, fine. But, I don't know, I think it's weird and uncomfortable to watch their relationship unravel before our very eyes. Even if it does make great TV.

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If what Bethenny's (constantly) saying is true and Jason is one way behind closed doors and a completely different way in front of the camera -- okay, I get it. That would be frustrating as hell. But I really can't imagine that he's that bad. Bethenny's a smart woman. Why would she marry someone who was a jerk? And we never get to hear Jason's side of the story -- ever. It's only what Bethenny tells us and anyone who will listen.

I'm sure Jason isn't the exact same person he was when he and Bethenny first met -- just like Bethenny isn't. And how can they be? They had a child and became millionaires all in the matter of a year and a half. But what I think Bethenny needs to understand is -- everything is basically on her watch, and everything revolves around her. Jason quit his job to help out with her business, and he follows her around to all of her events -- and from what it seems like, supports her. It's all Bethenny all the time. And that has to get irritating.

I hope that Jason and Bethenny do make it. I really liked them when they first got together. But I think they need to stop living every aspect of their lives so publicly -- even if it is kind of fascinating.

What do you think is going on in Jason and Bethenny's relationship?


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jessi... jessicasmom1

not so sure they seem not very happy with their choice 

nonmember avatar Julia

Bethany needs to realize that success comes at a price. A few years back she made a comment to Jill that she wanted a husband a family and success, and Jill told her she couldnt have it all. But she did it she found a loving man, had a beautiful baby girl, and through allot of hard work made a success out of the Skinny Girl brand. Jason should go back to work, have his own space. And Bethany needs to quit being self destructive, it's almost like she's making happen the things she fears the most, no one is perfect not Jason, and not Bethany. Slow down is my advice enjoy your success remember why you and Jason fell in love and look at what you have quit worrying that the bottom is going to fall out and stop for heavens sake being so self destructive enjoy what you have you earned it but you certainly didnt get their by yourself. I wish you both all the best this part of your life should not be viewed for all to see.

Rosemary Maldonado-Barron

I think it was a quick rise to fame. And Jason needs his own thing away from Bethany to keep his sanity. Bethany is a "what you see is what you get" kind of gal, and that has to be hard on Jason coming from a totally different world. Jason branch out of the Bethany business and do your own thing :)

Torra... TorranceMom

These two are a mess! They don't have a snowball's chance in hell of making it.

Jodi Hodson

I used to love this show. I can't bring myself to watch it this season. It's sad to see these two who were so in love go downhill before our eyes. Turn off the cameras and fix the relationship. It is well worth saving for the sake of yourselves and your baby.

Starla Denise Minde

I think Jason is a spoiled arrogant man. He wants the June cleaver his mother is, bethenny excited him before but now he wants to look down on her because she came from a dysfunctional family. Bethenny does need to chillax she always has needed to. may be saved but I am not sure.

nonmember avatar susan

Bethanny was the one that introduced us to Jason as this great perfect guy and that she was the damaged one. Now she's hurt by that fact? Bethanny needs to realize that her life is no longer damaged like her childhood was. She needs to embrace that fact and learn to feel comfortable in an undamaged life. Then she will be truly happy.

nonmember avatar Gretta

Noooooo.... say it ain't so! Airing your dirty laundry on a reality show is BAD for a marriage? I don't believe it.

lifeh... lifehappy

I think she has probably turned a wonderful, thoughtful man into a bitter & cynical one.

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