Kristen Stewart Knows ‘Hunger Games’ Jennifer Lawrence Is No Competition (VIDEO)


Jennifer lawrence  Breaking Dawn

When I heard rumors of a feud brewing between Twilight star Kristen Stewart and The Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, I knew it had to be fake. Come on! Bella knows better to take on Katniss. The girl packs some serious bow and arrow heat. 

Score one for me, because I was right! KStew has set the record straight. The two have never even met, never mind actually gotten into a diva spat. But wait ... there's more!

Kristen is actually planning to queue up at the theaters with the rest of us to see The Hunger Games. Hey, why wouldn't she? She knows she's got nothing to worry about!

It's not like it's competing with the next installment of Breaking Dawn. And I'm not just talking about the fact that the releases are timed at different parts of the year (Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is slated for November ... can't wait!). The Hunger Games is an action flick with a love triangle. Twilight is a love triangle with some action. It's sooo not the same thing, as Jennifer Lawrence so wisely pointed out:

The audiences for these two flicks are, for the most part, different. Both based on young adult novels, there's a teenage contingent of fans and a contingent of adults (mostly mothers). I'm sure there will be overlap between the devotees of Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence (raising my own hand right now) but it's going to be pretty limited.

At the very least, the Suzanne Collins book series has already gotten more of a male teenage readership than the Twilight series, and that's expected to translate into more testosterone in theaters hoping to see the badass tribute action. Were there male Twilight fans? Sure. But I have a feeling a good 80 percent of them were just watching it to make a girl in their life happy (thank you to my husband for totally throwing himself on that spear). Really, if anyone should be worried, it's RPatz and TayLaut. Josh Hutcherson (aka Peeta Mellark) and Liam Hemsworth (Gale) are definitely catching fire!

Not to mention Kristen is notorious for being uncomfortable in the spotlight. The faster Jennifer rises to fame, the less attention she has on her and her relationship with Rob. That should make Lawrence her best friend, not her worst enemy.

Which movie would you be more likely to go see?


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thing... thingz123

I'm a complete and utter TwiHard. I am not personally hooked by The Hunger Games-it's a bit too much like that classic short story I'm sure we were all forced to read in high school, The Lottery. It's also an awful lot like a particular episode of the original Star Trek series that wasn't to my particular liking. Exiting nerd soapbox now. That said, I do understand why other folks will want to see it, and most certainly, why males in general will find it more user friendly than Twilight. I know people that like both, and it's totally cool. K Stew and Jennifer Lawrence are each way too cool to ever get neurotic over which film is going to earn more money or bring in the widest demographics.

The media needs to quit stirring up shit, anyway. There are a lot of YA novels which will be made into movies in the near future, and I've read several of them. More power to all of them, I'm not gonna boo and hiss if someone likes certain ones but not others.

Jenniy Jenniy

I hate Twilight, tried reading it and had to walk away. I have read The Hunger Games Trilogy and I can not wait to see it.

Karen Ellington

Hey everyone, we all should know by now that The Twi Saga is coming to A end ,Im sad but I like the books and movies,now its time to past the torch to The Hunger Games Saga,because these movies and their authors are all going to go down in entertainment history.Kristen and Jennifer will go on to other projects.So just wish them both peace,prayers because we all know they are going to need it with all the cruel comments they are going to get. Peace     Karen E.

nonmember avatar grloncloud9

Seriously, it's not "The Lottery" and this is not the first time I've read this comparison. The short story is about the lottery itself and is a reflection on tradition whereas "The Hunger Games" is about all that and the sick obsession our society has developed due to reality television, plus so much more. To compare so generally is dumb considering that the Hunger Game trilogy is so damn good and worth getting excited for. I also read "Twilight" and, honestly, it's not my cup of tea. I'm a stickler for good writing and character development and it fails in both respects. "Hunger Games" is a seriously great read and deserves all the hype its getting.

nonmember avatar aspeenat

There is no way the Hunger Games movie will be as good as the book. The Producers all ready screwed up by changing the look of the main characters. Plus the fact it is slated for a March release means the distributor does not think the movie can hold its own with the summer block busters even though the Hunger Games was originally billed as a Summer Move. A March release is a sign that the test audience were not that thrilled with the movie. I will wait till it's at red box.

tesscat tesscat


have a nice day.

nonmember avatar Lily

It's awkward when they said about Robert pattinson and Taylor launtner being worried about the hunger games guys.

Honestly? Yeah, Liam hemsworth is easy on the eye. But he doesn't have Taylor's abs or Robert's hair. And josh Hutcherson? Pfft. He doesn't look so great when you compare him to Liam, try comparing him to Taylor and Rob.

After that rant about eye-candy I'll add one thing. You can't compare the the two movies. The hunger games is about killing with a hint of love, and twilight is about love with a hint of killing.

It's two different genres!

nonmember avatar Bex

Hey, I love Twilight. I'm not so much of a fan of Hunger Games!!. They are both great books (I'm sure) but comparing two differnt genres is uncomparable. Hey- I love the Gallagher Girls by Ally Carter, it rocks!. I have read all of Hunger Games, Twilight and Gallagher Girls, and I think Cammie rocks!!! Personally I think Cammie is a cooler character than Katniss cuz she's perfectly capable of killing someone in 7 different ways (Cammie is a spy and it is stated in the book) but Cammie isn't violent.
PEACE!! This is my opinion. =)

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