Bethenny Frankel's 'Accidental' Wardrobe Malfunction Has Us Seeing ... Pink (VIDEO)

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Bethenny FrankelI think it's safe to say the Real Housewives have redefined overexposed since they first took to Bravo. So is it really any surprise the latest celebrity to give us a wardrobe malfunction on TV was one Bethenny Frankel? She's the former Housewife who was so desperate for someone to talk about her last year that she made up a stranding at seas!

Her "accidental" flashing of her undies on Anderson Cooper's talk show yesterday is hard to take considering her track record. So, let's roll the video tape!

I don't know folks, she looks suitably embarrassed to have shown off those pink undies. And she got a hardened news reporter like Anderson to lose it (in a completely adorable way I might add). I'd say that's proof positive that if the little panty flash was planned, it was a plan not run by the talk show host. So we could just write this one off as an accident -- she's got a new book out, she was already on Anderson Cooper's show, for cripes sakes. People were already paying attention to her.

Buuuuuut come on. What's reality TV without manipulation and conspiracy theories? The Real Housewives practically wrote the book on them!

So, did you notice Bethenny playing it up at the end? Fishing for compliments?   This woman is running out of ways to scream look at me, look at me, LOOK AT ME! that won't make little Bryn disown her. And let's talk about the marketing savvy of a woman who has turned Skinnygirl into a massive empire. She knows how to spin crap -- and I do mean crap -- into gold.

But there is still that "genuine" embarrassment ... Can we chalk it up to good acting? Now that would be a first for a member of the Housewives crew! Hmm.

Looks like I'm going to have to come down right in the middle with this one -- not enough evidence to get us mad at her, but she's not exactly in the clear either. So we're not seeing red, but we are seeing ... pink?

What do you think? Is Bethenny getting desperate for attention or is this an honest mistake?


Image via Anderson/YouTube

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Stacey. Stacey.

if you know you're going to be on TV where you're not sitting behind a desk, why would you wear something that could flash your panties? There are only 2 answers, either she's a moron or she's an attention seeker, and I am going with the latter.

nonmember avatar h

so desperate...eeew gads beth.
retire already.

Amanda Rhodes

Yes I think she did it on purpose.  A skirt like that is easy to flip up, a light breeze will flip a skirt like that.  Jumping on the ground is going to make your skirt go up! especilly in that style skirt  DUH.  Any woman would know this if she has ever worn a skirt. least she was wearing panties.  thank goodness!!!  and full butt cover panties not  thong.  :)

nonmember avatar qwerty

This twit is the biggest attention-seeker! She is dripping with an insecurity and discomfort in her own skin that may be endearing on a 13-year-old, but at her age is just sad...

Jacqueline Thoennes

Obviously she knew what she was way this is an accident...cover your ass up!

Wendy... WendyF062204

Come on!!!  She obviously did NOT do it on purpose and simply tried to make the best of it by joking about it afterward.  Everyone always seems to want to assume the worst of people these days.  Oy Vay!  Why are we even talking about this????





nonmember avatar Jean Harlot

As much as she LOVES publicity, she didn't realize this was going to happen. Anyone can just see by her movements and body language she knew she made a mistake. Plus at least she didn't have the slut suit on underneath.

That said, she needs to go easy on Jason. They shouldn't be having issues this early in their marriage, celebrity or not.
Cool down or you will lose him Bethenny.

Orego... OregonGrannie

She handled the mishap, yes you heard me, MISHAP in a very Bethenny manner which makes me love her even more.  I am Team Bethenny all the way on this one.  I applaud her.  Make that a standing ovation on her "keeping it real" and using her sense of humor to defuse her embarrassment. 

nonmember avatar micki

she loves the attention, she could have worn slacks, she knew what she was doing, just a dip, really wish she would just go away back at sea and leave her there for good, no GPS to get her back,I am sure Jason would be happy and so would her in-laws she treats them horrible someone or something has got to wake her up and give her a reality check instead of a show.

99Hap... 99HappyChappy

Careful Jeanne Sager, your article seems to have plenty of jealousy written between the lines.  If she really had planned to show off her perfectly toned 'behind' I think she would have worn something different under that skirt than those pink mommy spanx.  And by the way, not even the famous Bethany could fake that dark red full body blush that washed over her immediately afterward.  Is she a little too much?  Sometimes. But you really gotta give that girl her dues.  She has earned every bit of it.

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