Robert Pattinson's 'Bel Ami' Release Date Means It'll Be One Steamy Summer (VIDEO)

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robert pattinsonEven though the Breaking Dawn hype has died down for the time being, that doesn't mean fans have lost their hunger for every piece of Robert Pattinson they can get their hands on. He's so hunky, and he's so great on the big screen -- and we wanna see more of him as soon as possible!

And now there's good news for those of us who crave all things RPatz -- because a release date has been set for Bel Ami. And luckily, we won't have to wait too much longer to see Rob take on a role that is a far cry from his blood-sucking Twilight alter-ego, Edward Cullen. So -- is the suspense killing you yet? Wanna know the date? Drum roll, please!

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Bel Ami is officially set to hit the big screen on June 8th, which is only a few more months away. Can you stand it? Rob is going to be so hot in this film. I can't wait to see him play a more grown-up role, and to watch him have romances with women who aren't in high school. Since the Twilight films were primarily geared towards a teenage crowd (not for 34-year old moms like me), it will be fun to see Rob give off a little bit more steam. Whew -- is it getting hot in here?

Take a look at the video clip below to see shots of Robert Pattinson filming Bel Ami. Doesn't he look sexy in a top hat?


Are you excited to see Rob take on a more mature role?


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daerc... daerca574

I think he will be great.

amy7243 amy7243


mamivon2 mamivon2

I guess so.. its acting,

slw123 slw123

I think he'll do good.

Mrs.P... Mrs.Pool2Be

I have never even seen a movie that he has played in but I am sure that he will do just fine since he became so popular with Twilight.  

He is going to do just fine with a more mature role.

Bmat Bmat

It should be fun to see him in a more mature role.

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