7 Ridiculously Hot Irish Actors (PHOTOS)

colin farrellI want to like St. Patrick's Day, really I do, but the majority of the customs and festivities associated with the holiday kinda make me want to barf. Green beer? Pass. Corned beef and cabbage? Double pass. Bag pipes? Okay, fine, I like bag pipes.

But the one Irish thing I can totally get behind (besides the Irish goodbye) is hot Irish guys. Amiright? There's something about a dude who's of Irish decent that just makes my Erin go braugh -- even if he doesn't have the accent (although bonus points if he does).

So, in honor of St. Patty's Day -- and my intolerance for super salty meats -- here are 7 smokin' hot Irish celebrities for you. Top of the morn-- okay, I'll stop now. Enjoy!

Colin Farrell. Obvious? Yes. But who cares. Colin's hot, and hello, accent.




Image via Frazer Harrison/Getty