Leah Remini Picks a Fight With Sharon Osbourne & Looks Like a Baby (VIDEO)

Leah ReminiRemember Leah Remini? You may recall her from the smash-hit sitcom, King of Queens, but to me, she'll always be Charlie Briscoe from Who's the Boss and Living Dolls (anyone?). Anyway! Not sure if you caught it, but last year Remini was also a host on the daytime talk show, The Talk, for, like a minute. She and co-host Holly Robinson Peete were permanently replaced by Aisha Tyler and Sheryl Underwood last summer, though. Yeah, she's seriously not over that.

After hearing an interview Sharon Osbourne and the current co-hosts gave on the Howard Stern Show (that touched upon Remini's firing), Leah took to her Twitter, of course, and blamed her getting fired on Sharon. Like they all do.


Remini tweeted: "Sharon thought me and Holly were 'ghetto' ... not funny, awkward and didn't know ourselves. She has the power that was given to her." Sharon fired back, saying: "In response to Leah Remini's continuous comments that I had her fired, let me just go on record to say I had absolutely nothing to do with her departure ... "It's been seven months. It's time to move on. Leah is a very talented actress and I only wish her happiness and success." And of course Leah didn't backed down, getting the final word in, tweeting: "If someone wants me to stop, they should call a lawyer and tell them what I am NOT telling the truth about. We can go from there." Me. Ow.

Look, Sharon Osbourne seems like a pretty powerful woman in her own right. Did she have a hand in getting Leah and Holly fired? Who can say for sure, but truthfully, it wouldn't shock me. You want Sharon Osbourne on your show more than you want Leah Remini, right? But Leah needs to realize that tweeting all this crap about everything being Sharon's fault, etc. isn't doing anything for her. In fact, if anything, it's hurting her. Because, right now, to the outside world, she just looks like a sore loser, saying mean things about a former colleague. It sucks, but it doesn't matter if it's justified or not. Know what I'm saying?

Check out a video on The Talk "changes."

Do you think Sharon Osbourne had Leah Remini fired from The Talk?


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