'Teen Mom' Stars Leah & Jenelle Would Be Smart to Quit the Show

Teen Mom has made Leah Messer and Jenelle Evans into stars. They are on the cover of all the tabloids. Their faces are everywhere and people love to gossip about them nearly non-stop. In short, they are the Snooki and JWoww of the rural set. So why aren't they getting paid like it?

Rumor says that both Leah and Jenelle are threatening to quit Teen Mom over salary negotiations, among other things. And I, for one, can't blame them. These girls SHOULD be making what the cast of Jersey Shore makes, right? They are just as big a cash cow for MTV, right?

According to Hollywood Life, an "insider" said this about Leah:


Whenever the issue of spin-off shows for the cast of Teen Mom 2 comes up, Leah has been holding her hand out for more cash. She really has gotten a big head because of all the attention. A lot of people in Elk View joke that she’s like the redneck Kim Kardashian.

Seems a little harsh, no? Why SHOULDN'T she get paid for what she does? After all, cameras follow her around 24/7, and blogs and tabloids knock her and judge her life and call her names. She deserves some of the cash MTV is making from her.

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Jenelle is also feeling the money crunch. Personally, I would rather see these girls who NEED the money get it than Snooki and her crew who spend it on bronzer and tacky jewelry.

Paying them too little is exploitation plain and simple. MTV says they are good enough to be used for cash, but not good enough to share the wealth. Isn't that a bit like a pimp and prostitute relationship? Will MTV be backhanding these girls soon?

I say good on Leah and Jenelle for fighting the good fight. They are in the driver's seat. Without them, MTV doesn't have a show. Of course there will be other teen moms willing to take their places. But they won't be the girls we KNOW.

Even if MTV doesn't back down and give the girls more money, they should be moving on. If the show is doing all this damage to their lives AND not paying them for it, they need to move on and do so quickly.

Do you think they deserve more money?


Image via MTV

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