Jennie Garth & Peter Facinelli Divorce Shows We Can Trust No One (VIDEO)

jennie garth peter facinelliSad news for Twilight fans, Beverly Hills 90210 fans, and fans of love in general. Jennie Garth and Peter Facinelli are divorcing after almost 11 years of marriage. Boo ... Hiss!

The reason reason behind the couple's split remains shrouded in mystery, as, so far, all we the people have gotten is this general statement: "While we have decided to end our marriage, we both share the same deep love and devotion to our children. We remain dedicated to raising our beautiful daughters together. We ask for privacy and respect during this time."

Blah, blah, blah, PR, PR, PR ... why are you guys divorcing?! You were so cute together!


Truth be told, we heard rumblings of their being trouble in paradise last year, with rumors saying that the two were living separately. But still. We didn't want to believe it. And  by "we" I mean "me."

I mean, what the hell, you guys? They seemed so ... normal, these two. And 11 years? That's the equivalent to what? Seventy-seven in Hollywood years. They seemed to be legit, the real deal. There was never any "why are those two together?" business regarding them. They were one of the few couples that actually made sense. 

I guess this just goes to show us (me) that Hollywood is filled with nothing but actors and actresses. Well, wait, you know what I'm saying -- actors and actresses who perform in real life, too. And they're good! Maybe even better than they are on screen? I mean, geez, what's next? Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson? Oh, hell no.

Perhaps I'm too invested. Perhaps I should just say, "whatevs" and move on. And I will. Eventually. But, guys, this was Kelly Taylor and Carlisle Cullen. This is sad stuff!

Check out a video on their divorce:


Are you surprised by this divorce?


Image via Pacific Coast News



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Nikol Haynes

I have noticed that not all people are capable of staying "in love" with their spouse. I wish them both the best of luck. Hey now that he is a single man maybe some of us can have a shot at him ;)

nonmember avatar Kelli

He's a big star now, he can get younger poo tang than that washed up teen queen. Go get em pimp boy...

Ari. Ari.

Bad karma from breaking up Brenda and Dylan, lol. God I miss that show!

nonmember avatar Leslie

nope, not surprised...I heard he had an affair with some canadian woman while filming Breaking Dawn. It's a shame. We really want him to be the awesome Dr. Cullen, but it turns out he's more like his dickhead doctor character on Nurse Jackie (which I also really freaking love).

Suzi Schauger

That is sad for their children. But that is GREAT news for us Twilight Mom!!!!!!YEAH US!!!!!

Courtney Puzzo

sadly this isn't a surprise about 80% of marriages in hollywood end in divorce at some point but because they've been married 11 years they've got to split everything 50/50

MrsCh... MrsChurch

Noooo! I think they are SO adorable together! How sad :-(

Kristin McShane

they were sweet together, i always hoped he wasn't Mike Dexter in real life.

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