'Fifty Shades of Grey' Is the Hottest So-Called 'Mommy Porn' Since Twilight

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"I am not into BDSM stories, but I have to say that I really loved this one." "I couldn't put it down and wanted more with every turn of the page." "The story quickly grabbed me and kept me turning, page after page, one blushing interlude to the next. I was somewhat shocked and deliciously inspired, much to my husband's delight." So goes just a few of the hundreds of glowing Amazon reviews for Fifty Shades of Grey, a novel that's shocked the literary world by becoming an overnight viral sensation.

Why is this story from a relatively unknown author burning up the e-book bestselling lists? Well, because it's also burning up readers' pants. Apparently there's something about this BDSM-flavored romance that's making people feel funny . . . you know, like when they climb the rope in gym class.

Fifty Shades of Grey has become a very hot topic lately, with some suggesting it's become a cult hit among mothers, who reportedly simply refer to it as 'The Book'. The Book has also been called 'Twilight for grown-ups,' despite the lack of sparkly vampires. What Fifty Shades of Grey lacks in supernatural romance, however, it more than makes up for that loss with some much-appreciated raunchiness.

The basic story is that a fabulously handsome 27-year-old billionaire named Mr. Grey seduces an equally gorgeous young graduate named Anastasia Steele, eventually enveloping her in a world of BDSM-flavored sex games. Whether women are getting turned on by the power differential, the notion of a wealthy hero, the submission fantasy, or just the idea of non-vanilla sex, Mr. Grey and Anastasia have become the most talked-about fictional characters since Bella and Edward.

In fact, the book has sold so many digital copies based on word-of-mouth recommendations, Twitter gossip, and blog coverage, publishing house Vintage Books just signed a seven-figure deal to publish all three titles (yes, of COURSE it's a trilogy).

If you're wondering which of your female friends has become devoted to this so-called "mommy porn" (what does that even MEAN? Like it's somehow laughable to enjoy erotica after having kids?) book, just take a peek at her husband's tie—reportedly, New York men's clothing stores can't keep up with the recent demand for grey ties, Mr. Grey's signature fashion accessory.

As for me, I must be moving in the wrong mommy circles, because I never heard of Fifty Shades of Grey before today. But I'm not even going to lie: I'm totally going to buy it ... in e-book version, of course, so no one can see the cover.

Go ahead, confess: have you read Fifty Shades of Grey? Does the hotness live up to the hype?

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5forj... 5forjulie

Book blogger have been talking about this book for a while...this used to Twilight fan faction. Overall mixed reviews from some of my friends and I haven't read it but this was free online a while back. 

There are romance book out there that are even better than this book. 

Zyva Zyva

I have not read the book, but I did delve deep into the BDSM realm when I was younger, (Before and after kids), it's an interesting and fun subculture, though sometimes it can be a bit more thrilling than you want. 

the4m... the4mutts

Well, I've never heard of it. But I'm going to read it for sure now! Thanks for the next book on my ever growing list

Irene Elston

The title does sound like I might have come across it when I was reading Twilight fanfic. But, yeah, buying a copy, the digital version.

jagam... jagamama0710

Ooo...I'll have to check it out! I haven't heard of it. I don't have an e-reader though so I'll have to wait til I can get the actual book.


Dawnp... Dawnplus3

I read it when it was Twilight fanfiction and it was fantastic, I will definitely be ordering this!

BriLee BriLee

It's not free on Kindke at least. Just looked it up and it's $10. $30 for the printed version! Yikes! I don't know if I'll be spending $10 for a romance novel.

Amber Scott

I read the first one yesterday. It was pretty dang hot. I'm reading the second one and it's only okay. Now we are seeing more and more that the main guy is really emotionally damaged by his childhood and THAT'S why he likes to control the ladies, and that's not so hot. At least for me.

It's kind of hilarious when you stack it up against Twilight because the main character bites her lip ALL THE TIME (literally, like, every single scene she bites her lip AT LEAST more than twice). And the word "mercurial" is used to describe the guy often -- which is a positive way to frame the idea that he's bordering on psychotic. Like, you'd be scared of someone that moody, I would think. Instead of like, "Oh, YOU. A second ago you were playful and now you seriously want to hurt me, like for real. You SCAMP."

I have thought about this too much, clearly.

julie... juliejones

I just started reading the series and am halfway through the second book. I had not heard any of the hubbub surrounding the book before picking it up, however , I can certainly understand the comparison to the Twilight series. Christian is a very authoritative and overwhelming character and Ana is insecure and inexperienced in most life experiences. At first I was very,VERY put off and disgusted in the way Christian treated Ana but found myself getting really caught up in the steamy sceens which kept me reading *blush*. In the second book, the explanation behind Christian's character has created a soft spot for me. This book is so much more that messed up relationships, kinky sex and overbearing personalities. It really is about being able to open up to somone emotionally as well as understanding and loving someone on the deepest emotional level, unconditionally.

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