Jessica Biel Finally Shows Off Her Justin Timberlake Bling (PHOTO)

jessica bielThere it is! There it is there it is there it is! Jessica Biel's engagement ring!! You know, the one Justin Timberlake gave her?? (Lucky. Girl.)

Anyway, Biel's been keeping her bling under wraps until now, but she was totally flashing that bad boy at the L.A. Lakers game on Sunday. And I am not kidding. Seriously, look at that pose!
Oh my stars, my head is achin'! Guess I just have to slap my palm on my forehead and -- gasp! -- looky there, forgot all about that great big diamond on my little finger!

Unless she's really, really regretting those bangs.

Does something seem a little bit ... off? Jessica Biel is beyond gorgeous and clearly has landed herself a beyond gorgeous fiance. And I'm not bitter at all! Really. I'm super duper happy for them. But I'm just sayin' ... why debut the freaking ginormous rock your multi-talented fiance bought you at a basketball game when you clearly haven't washed your hair since the first installment of "D*ck in a Box"?

I don't know. She just doesn't have the betrothed-to-Justin glow I expected to see. Maybe there's some sort of behind-the-scenes celeb strategy thing that I'm missing out on. In which case, awesome! I WANT Justin to be happy, Really. I do.

But if this is just a case of new celeb hairdo masquerading as lifestyle choice?

Jess, don't monopolize the Timberlake. Kay?

Do you think Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are really engaged for real?

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nonmember avatar Gabby

I don't like her for Justin >/ ... and you're right, she's like "HEY LOOK AT "IT" EVERYBODY!!!" she just wants more atenttion, fame, mag covers... I'm not sure if she's in love with him or his celebrity status :( Come on JT, you can do way better!!!!! Anyway if they'll get married I wish them the best!! he truly deserves to be happy....

nonmember avatar Mia

Haha, someone is jealous.

nonmember avatar Tonia

To me her fwce always looks like that. She seems dry.

tuffy... tuffymama

Maybe she was fucking tired and just trying to relax at a game? Jeebus Crust. Maybe her life is more about doing what she wants than "debuting" a ring anywhere.

Ari. Ari.

Superficial and envious much?

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