New 'Hunger Games' Clip Reveals Pivotal Peeta Moment (VIDEO)

Heads up, Hunger Games fans! Yet another clip of a pivotal scene has hit the web, thanks to Lionsgate's trigger-happy marketing team. In fact, I'm starting to suspect that if we wait a couple more days, we'll all be able to save the ticket price on opening night, because the whole freaking thing will be online.

The latest teaser reveals the exact moment Peeta makes his feelings for Katniss known—not just to her, but to the entire world. Thanks to an intrusive interview question posed by TV personality Caesar Flickerman (played by Stanley Tucci in a very interesting blue wig), Peeta confesses his star-crossed crush while Katniss looks on ... and her expression is priceless.


The scene is from the bizarre PR routine that happens before the Games get underway, in which the tributes are put on public display like prize athletes. Caesar is doing his zany TV host routine and playing up the audience when he asks Peeta if he's got his sights set on a special girl back home. Peeta admits that there's one girl he's had a crush on "forever," and Caeser cheerily reminds him that if he wins the Games, she'll HAVE to go out with him.

Peeta: "ORLY?"

Here's the clip:

I hate to say it, but this is the first clip that didn't immediately grab me. I feel like this particular scene probably works better within the context of the movie, and it's not one I would have picked to release on its own. Tucci's over-the-top Caesar camera-mugging makes Josh Hutcherson's Tragedy Peeta seem mawkish and—I'm sorry! I'm sorry!—corny in comparison. It's not like this revelation of his offers any spoilers to us, the movie audience, but it's such a big moment in the story, I think it does the scene a disservice to be viewed as a minute-long clip.

That said, I do like Jennifer Lawrence's shellshocked reaction as Katniss. She sure packs a lot of emotion into the four whole seconds we get of her face.

I also love the glimpse of Woody Harrelson at the start of the clip, which solidifies my suspicion that he's going to be my favorite character in the movie. Whatever with your Team Gale/Team Peeta business: TEAM HAYMITCH.

At this point, I sort of hope this is the last clip that gets released. As long as MTV and Lionsgate keeps making them available, I'll keep watching, because I can't help myself—but I really don't want to see any more until the movies hits the theaters. I mean, I'm sold, you know? As far as I'm concerned, the promotional team can take a breather, because fans are READY.

What do you think of this scene with Peeta? Do you think any more clips should get published before the film's opening day?

Images via Lionsgate

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