Kristen Stewart Goes Topless in New Movie, Ditches 'Twilight' For Good

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Kristen Stewart may be a superstar thanks to Twilight, but compared to peppier actresses who seem to relish stardom, K Stew has always been a little "broody." This makes her perfect for the new movie On the Road, based on the Jack Kerouac novel of the same name. And stepping even farther outside her teeny bopper role as Bella in Twilight, Stewart is baring all in the new movie. 

Though it might anger some fans, the fact is, it is probably a good career move for Stewart if she wants to be taken more seriously. After all, isn't getting topless the key to every actress becoming "serious"?

Think about Gwyneth Paltrow and Anne Hathaway and Michelle Williams. It took getting nekkid to get seriously noticed, no? See below:

She looks good and she looks cool and the movie looks cool. Most of all, she is leaving Twilight behind her. My guess is most Twilight fans have never heard of Kerouac, let alone spent their adolescence reading On the Road and pining for his life.

Stewart seems like the latter kind of woman, so good for her. The only problem, of course, is that sometimes it is a little depressing to think women in Hollywood have to bare all to be taken seriously. But it does seem to be the case for whatever reason.

Stewart can do whatever she wants with her career and it is unclear whether the film shows anything more than her shoulders (from the trailer), but if it does, Stewart is doing the usual "I'm all grown up now" move.

Personally, as one of those Kerouac lovers, I can't wait to see the movie. Maybe it will give me new respect for her as an actress because I am no fan of Twilight.

Do you think this is a good or bad career move for K Stew?



Image via mfoc85/YouTube


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Trisha Imdoinme Follen

well if you want to get all technical and shit, K stew has already went "topless" obviously u didnt see breaking dawn pt 1. but you make it sound so terrible. not that big of a deal

nonmember avatar J.Vegas

I don't think that Kristen has anything to prove. She basically already "bared it all" in Welcome to the Riley's. (Which I loved) I think she does movies that make her happy, not ones that she feels will take her further away from her Twilight fame.

i.hea... i.heart.nerds

She can't act whether she is wearing clothes or not.

nonmember avatar Cee

Well it is the perception of everyone, including yourself as the article implies that you believe nudity is the way a star gets taken seriously.

Secondly, all these Twilight weirdo fans need to realize that Kristen is not Bella, Robert is not Edward and Taylor is not Jacob. Kristen is a hardcore stoner since forever, Robert probably doesn't spend all his seconds reciting emo love stuffs to Kristen and Taylor does whatever the hell Taylor wants. It is the weirdo fans that hold them to this role while they try to move on and evolve as actors. From what I heard,Kristen and Rob are pretty embarrassed of being attached to this for a while. In their interviews they say how they don't like it yet are forced to retract for their crazy fans. Just wait until the franchise is done and they'll say how they really feel. They dont need to be called Twilight star so and so.people need to let them move on to other roles and NO Twilight fans dont need to watch everything they are on. "OMG why is Edward kissing Reese Witherspoooon!"

Mamai... Mamainthemiddle

she was topless in a movie called "the cake eaters". She played a girl with severe disabilities, and has an affair with an older guy from town. 2007. Before you write, you should research. Im not even a fan of her and I know that from watching too much Netflix. lol

palad... paladinmom

I think that Kristen is a decent actress.  Yes, she may be a hardcore stoner - but I'm not going to tell my girls that.  They adore her.  Twilight is great for those who like to use their imagination to free real life for a bit.  I like RPatts other movies, as well as Kristen.  I can't wait for a chance to see Abduction.  I do think that DH will end up liking it - it seems like more his type of movie anyways...

Marie Costen

I love Kristen so much same with Robert Pattinson and she has already bared her self in a lot of other movies....So even though i don't know her in person nor does she know me but i will always support whatever kind of role she picks to play because she is and amazing person

Shiela Robinson

When you are real young going nude it really not that big a deal. As you get older and have children then there's a reason to think twice about it.  But baring breasts is no big deal really.


nance... nanceyk82

I boycott all movies with nudity. Besides, a movie with nudity is normally trying to cover up fact that it sucks.

BGarcel BGarcel

nanceyk82: Do you boycott sexually explicit nudity only? Or every form of nudity? Do you also boycott movies that have non-nude sex scenes (as in, you know the characters are having it but you don't actually see the parts playing together)? And if yes, do you boycott movies that have implied sex scenes too (as in, the movie alludes to the sex but you don't see it take place in the movie)? And last question, do you disagree with all nudity, or just nudity from a certain gender?

I half agree that some movies add in a nude or sex scene to get asses in the seats. In some genres it's almost expected that someone in the movie is naked. But in my opinion, the naked body is (most of the time) beautiful and artful. There are plenty of good movies that do have nudity, and banning them from my house just wouldn't make sense.

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