Dennis Quaid Divorce Details Prove This Should Be His Last Marriage

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Dennis Quaid is getting divorced from his third wife Kimberly Buffington-Quaid, proving that sometimes, the third time is not the charm. It is sad any time a marriage ends, but this one is particularly depressing because there are two very young children involved -- the couple's 4-year-old twins Zoe and Thomas -- and it is already looking kind of ugly. 

TMZ published the divorce papers in which Kimberly asks for support and Quaid offers her "nothing." Further, in her filing, Kimberly cites "discord or conflict of personalities" as the reason for divorce. That sounds pretty bad, no?

Quaid should probably make his third marriage his last and it looks like we are headed into another few months of speculation, rumors and gossip about yet another celebrity marriage.

Does anyone ever stop and wonder what is it about Hollywood types that makes it so impossible for them to keep their marriages and relationships together? Are they all insane? And if they KNOW this, then why do they keep getting married and procreating?

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The Quaid divorce is especially sad because the couple faced so many problems when their twins were born and nearly died due to a hospital error. Because of that and the publicity around that, I always sort of hoped they might weather the storm. But, I need to stop hoping.

Truly, Hollywood children are almost cursed, it seem. They are born with wealth and beauty (because they have gorgeous parents, natch), but their parents are rarely sane. They live unusual and fabulous lives, but have no stable base. What is sadder than having everything at your disposal but nothing that really matters?

Sure, Quaid and his soon-to-be-ex could prove everyone wrong and have an amicable divorce. But the way things are going, it seems highly unlikely. This will be yet another Hollywood divorce and will hurt yet another two children.

I shudder to remember the Alec Baldwin voicemail in which he called his young daughter with Kim Basinger "a pig" among other things. Let's hope things don't go there for the Quaids. Let's hope these early papers are just a bump in the road and that these two people will find their generosity of spirit somewhere inside them in order to make things easier for their children.

Let's hope. But let's not hold our breath.

Do you think this divorce is going to be a big mess?


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douxm... douxmusique

Um, why don't Hollywood marriages last? Because actors are self centered, narcisistic brats who think they deserve to have everything.given to.them easy. Even the "cool ones" who genuinely seem like they're not all that interested in fame. they are, otherwise they'd be doing something else that doesn't involve millions of people staring at you for an hour. That's why celebrity marriages fail.


I feel so sad for them. A marriage ending isn't anything to be flip about. I also don't think it's just Hollywood. How many people do you know who are divorced? 

starl... starlight1968

First: ah celebs live a whole different life then we do...I don't think afterwhile that they know what it's like to be "real"...

sad still tho.

AMom29 AMom29

They travel constantly for work, are surrounded by pretty (or handsome) co-stars who are usually hired based on the chemistry between the stars.  If it's not between the stars, the set is absolutely crawling with hundreds of people.

Yes, they are self-centered most of the time.  It's hard not to be when you have people in your life that their sole job is to tell you how great you are, and you read about how people adore you.

My first thought was that it could be BECAUSE of the strain of the hospital's mistake and aftermath.  If memory serves, they weren't married all that long prior to having the babies, so they didn't have a long time to create the foundation.

Sometimes, though, it just wasn't meant to be.  People get too wrapped up in Hollywood's relationship issues.

Thread Thread

Let's not forget that almost every place they go, there will be at LEAST one attractive person actively trying to "get with" the celebrity. That can't be enjoyable. Imagine how stressed out you would be if you couldn't go anywhere, and your spouse couldn't go anywhere, without people determined to break up your relationship just so they can get two seconds of fame or get closer to the spotlight.

Redwall Redwall

I thought when he married this woman and had the twins, it was a made in heaven arrangment.  I'm sad that they're divorcing...for the kids.  I think he's one of those guys that just isn't meant to be married...or may be she isn't either.  In any event, it's sad.

Essie Lewis

Well, the marriage failure in the U.S. is somewhere around 50% so I really don't think celebrities get divorces more than "regular" people.  I think it just looks like they never stay together because of the tabloids.  There are a few long-term marriages in Hollywood . . . Tom Hanks, Denzel Washington, Segwick/Bacon. Even Julia Roberts has been married about 10 years.  And Brad and Angelina have been together over 7 years, even with all the pressure of the lies from the tabloids.  And I'm sure I could think of other celebrity couples who have been together a long time, if I had the time and my brain wasn't exhausted.

All I'm trying to say is, yes it's sad that Dennis Quiad and his wife or divorcing but, really there are many more star couples who are still together.  We should just concentrate on that statistic and forget about the ones who can't work out their problems.


I just read that they sold their house in LA and moved to Texas to be near family. Wow,why did they bother . It's sad, but I think after 3 times being married and the marriages didn't work, I'd give up! One marraige is bad enough but 3!!!!

AprilC35 AprilC35

ive been married three times....2 divorces and a death...the 1st couldnt stay out of jail, the second died and the third was a lazy unmotivated abusive prick...does that mean based on this article that *I* shouldnt marry again because I"VE been married three times?? thats hogwash and stupid to say someone shouldnt get married again because theyve been married and divorced, once twice, 40 times.........its not your life so why does it matter? Divorces and break ups are tough and painful and sometimes it just happens between normal people AND celebrities..and lest not forget that, OMG, celebrities are *actual* people too...they have the same struggles that we have every day too....they all have organs, skin, bmuslces and blood.,...they all have bodily functions....just because they happen to do something that thrusts them into the lime light doesnt mean that they deserve any less sympathy. ive had celebrity friends through the years and its tough for them to balance marriage, family and the limelight but theyre just doing something because they love it, just like we all do what we love. 

I'd say leave them in peace..

Midni... Midnite00

most marriage have problems after stressful events 

But this is a Hollywood marriage so it gets ran threw the mud and put on display.....

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