Watch Prince Harry Reggae Dance His Way Into Your Heart (VIDEO)

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prince harryYour favorite royal ginger and mine, Prince Harry, is in Jamaica right now, and in true mischievous prince fashion, he's having a ball. He's joking around with the locals, chatting it up with beautiful women, and, obvs, showing off his reggae moves. Why, of course we have a video of him showing his reggae moves, thanks for asking!

This clip won't change your life. It won't make the world a better place. But it will unequivocally make you crush on Harry if you aren't already. Hard. Check it out, won't you?

[video type="youtube" id="


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Stacey. Stacey.

They are both fug. And did you really call him a ginger? Do you know that term is meant to be negative? 

nonmember avatar Missforth

Actually I know some redheads who have taken on the tag "ginger" as their own. And these two guys never asked for this life but they seem to be doing a pretty good job with it.

nonmember avatar Cynthia

They've both got such good hearts and Harry truly looks like he's having a good time just being a human, forget about being a Prince. That's what we should all be doing and looking for in life. Enjoy a good song, the sun shining and happy people. So much more good would come from that. They are doing so much more good than many of their elder relatives ever did because they are "normal and approachable" people who truly try to be in touch with those around them.

kdsue kdsue

I have always been shocked that the son who looks more like his dad is the one who grew up to be the more handsome of the young princes.  I'm completely in love with Prince Harry.  He also always seems like he'd be the more fun one to hang out with.  Maybe because he's got a little less pressure on his shoulders, but still, definitely on board with Hottie Harry.  But I do think William will make a fine king in the future, especially with Kate at his side!

nonmember avatar marie

there is no way Prince Harry is the son of Charles. He clearly was the product of Di and that Major she had an affair with. I wish I recall his name, but if you ever see a photo of him....Harry is a dead ringer look-alike. I believe the royals know this, and have paid said Major to keep his mouth shut. And really ladies, who would want to do Charles twice ? ewwwww. Oh and yes, Harry is a hottie.

Madel... Madelaine

They are both ok

nonmember avatar Chrissy

He wears his pants like an old man. Ewww.

count... countrygirl670

Neither.  But I have to admit, Harry bears a striking resemblance to my husband (at least how my husband looked 15 years ago...)

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