Robert Pattinson Would Make a Totally Sexy Rodent (VIDEO)

robert pattinsonLet me ask you a question: Is there any movie role that Robert Pattinson could be cast in that would make him lose one shred of his sheer hotness and sex appeal? Yeah -- I didn't think so. That dude seriously couldn't be undesirable if he tried no matter what character he plays -- even a furry little rodent.

There is some speculation that Rob is in talks to star in Paul McCartney's film adaptation of his children's book, which will be called High in the Clouds. The lead role in the film is a squirrel named Wirral, and there's a chance that Paul may choose Robert to play him. Hmm. Robert Pattinson as a squirrel. Is it me, or is it getting hot in here?

Seriously -- how sexy would Rob be as the voice of a squirrel? If anyone can make a small animal sound hot, it's him. C'mon ladies -- just admit it. You're totally into this whole idea.


How many animated movies have you taken your kids to just to make them happy and kill time on a Saturday afternoon? Granted, some of them are much more enjoyable than others, but think about how much better they'd be with someone like Rob voicing over the lead role! I mean -- Zac Efron made The Lorax a bit more exciting, so I can only imagine what Rob would do to a cartoon.

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I'll be the first to admit that if he does get cast as Wirral the Squirrel, I'll be giddy as a school girl when I take my son to see the flick. I might even splurge for the big bucket of popcorn just so I don't have to leave the theater for refills mid-show. I definitely wouldn't want to miss one second of his hot British accent. OMG. Can you imagine listening to him do nothing but talk for a couple of hours? Swoon.

If you're not convinced that he would make an incredibly sexy squirrel, then listen to his smooth voice in the video clip below. It'll probably change your mind.


Do you think it would be weird to hear Robert's voice in a kids' movie?


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