'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Sheree Brings Home the Drama

Kim ZolciakThe ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta headed home from South Africa this week after an amazing trip that will be remembered for two things -- Kim Zolciak and the orphanage. Yes, Kim Zolciak, who didn't even go on the trip because she has a new baby at home, the same one who did not go to an orphanage and did not hold a black baby. Whether she would have done those things has been the source of a ridiculous amount of debate that crested this evening.

Kim got dragged into the mess after learning of a conversation that happened while Cynthia Bailey and the smalls were on safari. Sheree, the snake, Whitfield made it her mission to let Kim know what went down ... or at least what sorta went down and stirred up drama. 


Sheree is shady, and I think -- based on the situation in which we saw her property, "Chateau Sheree" -- we're going to see more evidence of this coming soon. It was just low to run and call Kim for what Kandi Burruss said when it clearly wasn't malicious. Worse is that she didn't even do so accurately.

Kandi NEVER said that Kim wouldn't hold a black baby at an orphanage. Kandi doesn't think Kim is a racist. She simply didn't think Kim would have gone on the trip no matter what her baby situation and was agreeing with Cynthia about that. She said Kim likes to make excuses to get out of things, and she just didn't think the South African trip along with the likes of NeNe would have been her thing. I can't see it either, and besides, it's not really something to get that worked up over.

What Sheree said Kandi said, however, was a different story, and one that Kim was fired up about when she delivered this awesome line during their tense lunch: "I'll hold a black baby, a purple baby, a white baby, a pink; it doesn't matter. I love babies, bitch!" I think that belongs on a t-shirt somewhere.

And if Sheree was so concerned about defending Kim's honor, why didn't she speak up on safari, during the conversation that she found so offensive to her friend?

Instead, as Kim and Kandi hashed it out, Sheree sat back with a self-satisfied, smug look on her face. Phaedra Parks, who knew butting in was a lose-lose situation, just ate. I'm not sure how they're ever going to resolve this issue, especially with Sheree meddling in the middle. It will also be interesting to see what happens when Kim sees Cynthia the next time.

Maybe that will happen at the one-year anniversary party Peter Thomas is throwing for Cynthia. People are sure to be on edge since he's trying to do it on shoestring budget, which means not much food ... for 150 people ... from 7-12 p.m. Good luck with that -- Hungry Housewives sound dangerous.

Do you think Kim and Kandi will work out their differences? Do you think Sheree was wrong to run and tell Kim what Kandi supposedly said?

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