Family Man Brad Pitt Neglecting His Poor Old Grandmother? -- It Can’t Be!

Brad Pitt Angelina JolieAmerica, I have some bad news. Prepare yourself people! There is a Brad Pitt rumor out there that will shake you to your very core. The sexy scruffy patriarch of the Brangelina brood supposedly hasn't talked to his grandmother in four years. Four years? Eek!

I don't know about you, but I don't want to believe these allegations from Mary Ann Lenier, Brad's great-aunt. Lenier put out a public plea to her Oscar winning nephew that she doesn't care if he's a big-shot producer these days. She thinks he needs to drop the too big for his britches act and call his granny because she misses him. Awww!

I feel for a grandmother who doesn't get to see her grandbaby. Any grandmother! I know it's hard on my in-laws that they live 13 hours from my daughter.

But this is Brad Pitt we're talking about! Brad "Gets a Pass on Dumping Jen Because It's Easier to Be Mad at Angie Because She Doesn't Have Those Adorable Baby Blues" Pitt. He's the dad whose limp on the red carpet at the Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala made us all weak in the knees because, aww, he fell holding his baby girl (and OK, he did it on the ski slopes where it seems odd to be carrying a 3-year-old anyway, but work with me people!).

Brad and Angie have sort of developed the "super parents" mystique as they've added to the family. Not only have they managed to have a lot of them without getting slapped with the sort of hate that haunts the Duggars or OctoMom, they're a Hollywood couple that really seems to enjoy being parents. They're usually spotted by the paparazzi with the kids instead of photogs getting an eyeful of the Jolie-Pitt spawn with a nanny all the time. And of course there's his close relationship with his own parents, who were actually on the red carpet at the Oscars over the weekend to see their daughter-in-law's leg flash up close and personal.

That kind of stuff doesn't exactly jive with Lenier's claims that he hasn't been to visit 77-year-old Betty at her Oklahoma nursing home since he brought Angie and the kids in 2008, and his habit of sending flowers once a month is long gone. Does it? There has to be a reasonable explanation here!

Do you think there's more to this than we're being told? Will you give Brad the benefit of the doubt or do you feel bad for granny?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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nonmember avatar cookie

"Angie" sucks the life/goodness out of everyone she meets. Not surprised.

ArmyGal ArmyGal

Maybe he's not close to his grandma? Idk why anyone cares. His and her parents are around. I believe this is tabloid fodder. And the person above is just eating it up.


I don't call my grandmother. She can be an ass. Maybe his is the same way. Not everyone has a super grandmother who bakes cookies, spends time w you and remembers bdays.

vicki... vicki77433

Maybe his grandmother is a bitch.  Maybe the aunt is not telling the truth.  Maybe the tabloids are making all of this shit up to sell papers. 

nonmember avatar Jane

That is private family business. Not all grandmothers are saints. Some are even abusive. The great aunt may be as well, publicly trying to manipulate Brad into doing something that may not be healthy for him or his family. We don't know if it's true, but if it is it may be for a good reason.

If his grandmother were living in squalor involuntarily, I'd have an issue with Brad with all his millions. But, no way am I going to judge him if he puts a boundary between his grandmother and his family. That's his business.

Gianina Enrica Masciarelli

I sincerely doubt his Grandmother is only 77. Brad is what, 48? His parents must be around 68-ish... that's some pretty early breeding on Grannie's part if she's only 77...

paren... parentalrights1

I side with Brad. I've seen way too much crap coming from families of origin and them acting like little victims when their kids/grandkids want nothing to do with them. Auntie is what we would call a flying monkey. someone who involves themselves where they don't belong.

Grandma probably did some boundary stomping and pissed Brad off. Tough luck.

happy... happymama0609

Oh please there is probably some kind of family drama that they have kept out of the media and now they are trying to make bank on it by making Brad look like a bad guy. Not all families are close like little freaking house on the prairie

Madel... Madelaine

I love my grandma but this isnt anyone elses business

godde... goddess99

We don't know if this story is true and it's none of our business.

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