Jennifer Aniston Sends Angelina Jolie Flowers, Proving She's the Classiest of All

Jennifer AnistonThink what you want of her new movie, but that Jennifer Aniston is one class act. Allegedly. There's a new rumor circulating, compliments of Hollyscoop, that Jen recently sent a bouquet of flowers to the stealer of her husband, Angelina Jolie.

Supposedly, the reconciliation was initiated by Brad Pitt, who, for whatever reason, sent Jen a copy of In the Land of Blood and Honey, the movie Angelina just directed. In turn, Jen sent Ange flowers with a note "telling her how beautifully directed it was."

It's hard to say if this "reconciliation" is actually for real this time, as we're always hearing that these two ladies are fighting or "burying the hatchet once and for all." But Jen does seem extra chipper these days, thanks to her boyfriend, Justin Theroux. So maybe, just maybe, this is legit.

According to a source, Jen doesn't harbor any feelings of animosity towards Brad and Angelina now that she has a new man in her life. This trusty source says, "Jen's so happy she thinks all her past heartbreak might have been worth it for her to have what she does now." Buuurn. Take that, Pitt.

No, even though what Brad and Angelina did to Jen is horrend, I really hope this story is true. For Jen's sake. I totally don't think that she's been crying alone in her room over non-dairy ice cream the past few years, but that's the picture that's been painted of her in the media. Everything Brad says winds up being construed into an insult. Everything Angelina does is a dig. And before Justin came into the picture, every interview Jen gave, somehow, wound up having the undertone of "missing Brad."

Jen is lovely, successful, and crazy rich. I think she's been doing alright since the divorce. And if she hasn't, well, that's okay. But I will admit, she does seem super okay lately. Then again, maybe that's just the way the media is presenting it.

Do you think Jen seems exceptionally happy lately? Do you think this rumor is true?


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nonmember avatar Clarissa

When is the media going to give up on this so called feud. I don't think that neither one of them could care less about the other.
It has been what? 5 years and for Brad/Angelina how many kids? And for Jennifer, she has to be way over it.....

nonmember avatar Raven

Angie & Brad met on the set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith while Brad was still married. Yes, there was an attraction, but Brad was still married and an honorable man and wouldn't cheat. His marriage to Jen had been on the rocks for a while - in many interviews he had been quoted as saying he wanted to start a family & Jen had been quoted as saying she was not ready for kids; clearly they were already at odds in their marriage. Principal photography on Mr & Mrs. Smith shut down for a while (for which reasons I forget), but Brad went to Jen & asked for a divorce BEFORE anything happened w/Angie. He is a VERY moral guy from the Midwest, & Angie was doing just fine w/her kids & no man, as shown by her split with Billy Bob who didn't want kids, so she left him & adopted on her own & was quite capably raising the kids on her own. Angie never needed a man to define who she was. I mean - come on, She's AJ: Oscar winner, Oscar nominee, action star w/the best of the boys, Special Appointee to the UN Refugee Council & a Congressman said she took her job so seriously, she met him at an airport on a layover he had & took the time to grill him on certain important issues; she didn't just take the job in name only like many celebrities, she became actively & passionately involved.

nonmember avatar Raven

She makes sure her adoptive children from different countries visit their homelands often so they are very familiar w/their own heritage, she can't speak about her mother w/o breaking into tears & having to change the subject & fears she is not as good a mother to her own children as her mother was to her. When shooting on Mr. & Mrs. Smith began again, Brad & Angie were free to explore the feelings they had between them, but she made it very clear to him from the start that nothing would come first in her life before her children. And the first thing we all really heard about their relationship to confirm it was Brad adopting her children, because they had become such an important & valuable part of his life.

nonmember avatar Raven

And she didn't have to get pregnant: but she loved him, & wanted to show evidence of their union in heart, soul & body w/twins & a big sister, & not saying no to adding more to the brood. W/means to support them all & enough love to go around. They give away more than half their salaries each year to charitable institutions, some of which they've established, some of which they find deserving. And they do so silently. And they buy each other gifts with meaning - she bought him a tree; the rest of us are thinking "heh?"; the tree symbolizes fidelity & eternal love & long life. Who else would think of a tree as one of the most romantic gifts ever? He took a YEAR to design a ring specifically for her long fingered, distinctive hand - that's love, forethought, care, precision, dedication, & romantic. & they're "engaged with a promise for the future", once stating that they would never marry until ALL could marry, stating solidarity w/their gay & lesbian brothers & sisters, but they want their children to be happy, & their children are old enough to ask & talk about it, & there is no doubt they love each other enough to get married. They don't NEED to get married to prove that they love each other that much, but a parent will sometimes do just about anything for the love of a child.

nonmember avatar Raven

The media wants to perpetuate this imaginary "feud" between Jen and Angie that is just past it's expiration date because - lets face it: drama sells, even tired, worn-out, it's so over drama. Chelsea Handler, whom I once really admired & now think has sunk so low on the class-o-meter for helping the media perpetuate this "Angelina is a whore" myth, & Jen not denouncing her for it lost points from me as well. And the "surprised" notion when Angelina said she was excited that she would be able to show her kids the movie where mommy & daddy fell in love. Jen lost on that one too; you were served with divorce papers during that - even before that - time, & you're going to play on the public's sympathy. That card is dog-eared by now, it's been trotted out so many times. You knew your marriage was in trouble before Brad went to go shoot that movie.

nonmember avatar Raven

You were having separate vacations with your then-relationship-guru Courtney Cox, who I imagine was trying to help you decide whether or not to stay in the marriage because you clearly wanted different things (kids/no kids) (slowing down on career/you ramping up and concentrating on career), or to be an adult and move on, for both your sakes'. Then you got blind-sided by Brad's asking for a divorce, & you played the "wronged woman" in public, & in my estimation, you played it for far too long. It didn't help that the media wouldn't let you STOP playing that woman, but you chose that role for yourself in the first place, instead of taking the higher ground and saying "We've grown apart; we still hold great love for one another; but we want different things, & Brad may have found someone with whom he can find those things, & I wish him the very best of luck." & THAT would have been classy. & true

nonmember avatar Raven

All this PLUS Jen has a new man now whom, for all intents and purposes, she seems really really happy. Do any of us think he likes to be pulled into the middle of this decade old drama? Heck no. She's a strong, independent woman who has found happiness, but thr press can't let her former marriage lie - do you suppose Justin Theroux wants any part of THAT drama, were he to become further involved with Jen (i.e.: marriage)? I can just imagine the media spectacle "she's settling for less", she'll never be as happy as she was with Brad", and on and on and on. Leave her BE!

nonmember avatar Raven

Bottom line; this was longer than I meant it to be. Both Jen & Angelina are incredibly confident capable women who have proven that they don't need a man in their lives to help them define who they are. No one got "stolen", Angie's always been painted as "the bad girl" in the tabloids & it's easier to accept her in that role I suppose, but there is no doubt that she loves Brad just as much today & he her - the way they look at each other leaves absolutely no doubt of that. He helped her reconcile with her father (provisionally) for the sake of the children; she dotes on his parents & clearly loves being part of a family again, & together, they are some of the largest private philanthropists (anonymously as well as the public projects they're each involved with) each year. I'd have to say, they're a Hollywood success story, supportive of one another, put their children first & clearly love their adoptive children as much as the three they created together. It may be an unconventional family, but they're making it work, & it seems the tabloids are deeply unsatisfied with that & make every effort to create imaginary strife within what seems to be a very happy household, on both sides.

nonmember avatar Raven

My final words, I promise.

That's what makes me think they're not above making up stories about Angie and Jen, too. Still. Now. Years later. Let it go, guys.

Most of us certainly have.

Connie McCampbell Smith

Why doesn't anyone remember that her boyfriend was in a 15 year relationship?  People move on.  Get over it.

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