Jennifer Aniston Sends Angelina Jolie Flowers, Proving She's the Classiest of All

Jennifer AnistonThink what you want of her new movie, but that Jennifer Aniston is one class act. Allegedly. There's a new rumor circulating, compliments of Hollyscoop, that Jen recently sent a bouquet of flowers to the stealer of her husband, Angelina Jolie.

Supposedly, the reconciliation was initiated by Brad Pitt, who, for whatever reason, sent Jen a copy of In the Land of Blood and Honey, the movie Angelina just directed. In turn, Jen sent Ange flowers with a note "telling her how beautifully directed it was."

It's hard to say if this "reconciliation" is actually for real this time, as we're always hearing that these two ladies are fighting or "burying the hatchet once and for all." But Jen does seem extra chipper these days, thanks to her boyfriend, Justin Theroux. So maybe, just maybe, this is legit.

According to a source, Jen doesn't harbor any feelings of animosity towards Brad and Angelina now that she has a new man in her life. This trusty source says, "Jen's so happy she thinks all her past heartbreak might have been worth it for her to have what she does now." Buuurn. Take that, Pitt.

No, even though what Brad and Angelina did to Jen is horrend, I really hope this story is true. For Jen's sake. I totally don't think that she's been crying alone in her room over non-dairy ice cream the past few years, but that's the picture that's been painted of her in the media. Everything Brad says winds up being construed into an insult. Everything Angelina does is a dig. And before Justin came into the picture, every interview Jen gave, somehow, wound up having the undertone of "missing Brad."

Jen is lovely, successful, and crazy rich. I think she's been doing alright since the divorce. And if she hasn't, well, that's okay. But I will admit, she does seem super okay lately. Then again, maybe that's just the way the media is presenting it.

Do you think Jen seems exceptionally happy lately? Do you think this rumor is true?


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nonmember avatar Frsttmshy

I'm so sick of hearing how Angelina stole Brad from Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston lost her husband because he decided to leave , we need to stop putting all the blame on the other woman and start blaming the guy because that's who she was married to. Brad made that decision and wrong or right it's been years now, let's all let this story go please. All of them are rich and happy. They don't have to worry about their bills or how they are gonna take care of their kids or where they are gonna live tomorrow. So in my book Jen is ok and if she's still heartbroken at this point she really needs to get a life.

nonmember avatar Angie

Tom cruise cheated with Penelope Cruz, not Katie holmes.

nonmember avatar Jan

This is so ridiculous! Who cares about these three people when so many other grave things are going on the world. Jennifer Aniston is an overpaid actress who has no talent except to play the same role in every stupid romantic comedy she makes and they stink. Angie is beautiful but sounds like she's from the Bronx. Brad is Brad and if this world can only focus on these 3 nincompoops, we are in a sorry state!

Danita Cronkhite

In response to JustMe; you are absolutely suppose to be a human being just like his current wife is and as such they are responsible for their own actions. That is to say he made the choice to cheat on his wife as much as his current wife made the choice to have an affair with a married man. You can not hold one responsible without holding the other responsible as well. They are both to blame for destroying a marriage. Even though this marriage may have had problems of it's own, as most do who have unfaithful spouses. I for one blame them both, they both knew his situation and he decided to forget about his promises, she decided what she wanted was someone else's husband and to hell with his promise to her, what she (Angelina) wanted was more important. Not holding her responsible for her part in breaking up this marriage is as irresponsible as not holding a man responsible for having an affair and blaming it entirely on the other woman. As the old saying goes "It takes two to tango".

Danita Cronkhite

Sorry JustMe: That first line should read that you are absolutely correct, he is suppose to be a human being just like his current wife.

zooey77 zooey77

ridiculous,boring trash

Za245 Za245

They are probably laughing their asses off over a glass of wine over all this bull that's said about the "feud". They are adults, they probably delt with this situation and got over it years ago. It's time the media did the same, it's getting really sad and pathetic...

Kris Caba

Yes she appears happy if one can tell by tabloid pictures and not actually knowing the people in question personally. No, I don't think she sent flowers as her rep already denied this rumor. Why are people so desperate to crown her a saint and the other a villian? Something is really worng with our society to try and create wars between people. It's really sad.

Great... Greatdays

We've all known someone who has cheated on a spouse.  Their stories were not in the news.  The saga of Brad, Jennifer and Angelina has been thrown in our faces for almost ten years now and, obviously, we are looking because this "feud" wouldn't still be big news.  It is similar to the story of Eddie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor of a half a century ago.  We all know about it whether we want to or not.  I personally am on "Team Jen".

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