Jennifer Aniston Sends Angelina Jolie Flowers, Proving She's the Classiest of All

Jennifer AnistonThink what you want of her new movie, but that Jennifer Aniston is one class act. Allegedly. There's a new rumor circulating, compliments of Hollyscoop, that Jen recently sent a bouquet of flowers to the stealer of her husband, Angelina Jolie.

Supposedly, the reconciliation was initiated by Brad Pitt, who, for whatever reason, sent Jen a copy of In the Land of Blood and Honey, the movie Angelina just directed. In turn, Jen sent Ange flowers with a note "telling her how beautifully directed it was."

It's hard to say if this "reconciliation" is actually for real this time, as we're always hearing that these two ladies are fighting or "burying the hatchet once and for all." But Jen does seem extra chipper these days, thanks to her boyfriend, Justin Theroux. So maybe, just maybe, this is legit.

According to a source, Jen doesn't harbor any feelings of animosity towards Brad and Angelina now that she has a new man in her life. This trusty source says, "Jen's so happy she thinks all her past heartbreak might have been worth it for her to have what she does now." Buuurn. Take that, Pitt.

No, even though what Brad and Angelina did to Jen is horrend, I really hope this story is true. For Jen's sake. I totally don't think that she's been crying alone in her room over non-dairy ice cream the past few years, but that's the picture that's been painted of her in the media. Everything Brad says winds up being construed into an insult. Everything Angelina does is a dig. And before Justin came into the picture, every interview Jen gave, somehow, wound up having the undertone of "missing Brad."

Jen is lovely, successful, and crazy rich. I think she's been doing alright since the divorce. And if she hasn't, well, that's okay. But I will admit, she does seem super okay lately. Then again, maybe that's just the way the media is presenting it.

Do you think Jen seems exceptionally happy lately? Do you think this rumor is true?


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pjbarbie pjbarbie

The "BIG WAR" going on between Jen and Angie is fabricated by the media - always has been.  The media scandalizes and over-sensationalizes everything.

linzemae linzemae

I agree with pj. Her hair looks stunning in that pic though!

Fallaya Fallaya

"Stealer of her husband"?  Brad LEFT her.  Angie didn't steal anyone.  

Sinat... SinatrasKitten

I read in an interview with Brad Pitt that Jen sent him and Angie flowers to congratulate them on the births of their children.  I think this feud died years ago... if there ever was one to begin with...

nonmember avatar JustMe

Ok I have to comment on the "stealer of her man" HELLO he is a HUMAN BEING and and ADULT... he can NOT be STOLEN, he is not an object and he makes his own choices. Ange was have been wrong to carry on with a married man, but HE is the one who broke his promise to Jen. He made choices and HIS were the ones that made or broke his marriage, NOT Ange. I say this as a wife who has been cheated on. This renforcement of "Homewreckers" and "Man-stealers" is what perpetuates the MYTH that the blame for an affair is NOT on the man but rather the "Evil woman who seduced him"... and it is hurtful to all the wrong people. He (or she) who makes the vow is the ONLY one responsible for keeping it.

nonmember avatar Rose

I don't believe this story. The media is beating a dead horse with this story of this so called feud. Write about Peter Cook who cheated on Christi Brinkly, Tony Parker who cheated on Eva Longoria, Tom Cruise who cheated on Nicole Kidman with Katie Holmes, Ashton who cheated on Demi Moore. Too many other stars to write about.

twoki... twokidsrme

For those who believe any of the tabloid fodder (and really, most articles on this website)....I have some very inexpensive ocean front property to sell you in Kentucky.

onefo... onefootcutiepie

wow. Who the heck cares! I think she was probably over it before the divorce was final.

lenox... lenoxclan

I think Jen and Ang would like nothing better than for the media to stop making up stories on this stupid fictional war going on between them.. the only ones who seem to care about the whole situation..what...5yrs later??? is the media

mommy... mommychelle01

Would you write an entire article if one of your friends in real life did this? What makes these peoples personal lives so important? Moving on...

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