Justin Bieber's 18th Birthday Is NO Excuse to Make Fun of Him ... Yet

Justin Bieber is officially 18 today. That means he can vote, go to war, and officially get made fun of on every blog from here to Zimbabwe and we don't have to feel bad about it. Mocking an adult is fair play. Mocking a child is bullying. Get it straight.

So, tomorrow, we will begin mocking in earnest, but for today, dear Bieber -- you of adorable, wind swept hair, eyelashes a girl would kill for, and the kind of skinny, asexual physique that drives tweens wild -- we will take it easy. Today we will speak of you only in the kindest terms, you adorable little sweetheart.

Bieber is really a role model for us all. He has given us his opinion on abortion (winning!) and denied paternity of a baby (rightly so!), and most of all, he has remained squeaky clean and perfectly chaste in order to make our tween daughters swoon.


He is a hero among boys, that Bieber babe. And now baby (baby, oh baby!) he is a man. As a man he will be subject to scrutiny and ridicule and all the bad parts of being a celebrity. But for today, we love Bieber. 

Bieber loves Jesus and wears his religion on his skin. Tomorrow, I might point out that getting a tattoo before the legal age at which he should isn't a good role model for my teen, but for today I will focus on his choice to put his religion on his body. That's commitment Biebs! I salute you.

In other AWESOME Bieber news, he is very close with his mom who grounded him from driving until the age of 18 (um, today!) because he bought an expensive car. We all know a boy who is close to his mama is a boy we should all love, right?

Oh Bieber. How we love you. Happy birthday you gorgeous little boy-man. Today is the day all that changes, my friend. But we will give you one more day of bliss. Your childhood days may be behind you, but your money and your adoring fans are not.

Happy birthday Baby Biebs. Eighteen is a biggie!

Do you love Justin Bieber?


Image via Adam Sundana/Flickr

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