Rihanna in Whitney Houston Biopic Is a Bad Idea

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rihannaThere are a couple of rumors floating around that Rihanna might star in a Whitney Houston biopic. Apparently the iconic singer gave her full support of the project before she passed, which I guess is a good thing, because otherwise I'd be yelling TOO SOON. Anyway, it's unclear whether or not Whitney knew that RiRi, Jennifer Hudson, Vivica A. Fox, and Jordin Sparks were in the running to play her in the upcoming film about her life, but with talent like that lined up, one could only be flattered.

Rihanna jumps out of the pack, though, for obvious reasons. If she were to get the part, she might be able to bring a personal understanding of what Whitney went through with abusive husband Bobby Brown since Rihanna, unfortunately, has also experienced domestic violence. But does that mean she's right for the role?

The only thing is, Rihanna hasn't really acted. You could argue that she plays a character in her music videos and while performing on stage, but I think that's different than completely transforming into someone else for a few months, memorizing lines, hitting marks, and convincing people that you ARE Whitney Houston.

I guess everyone needs their big break, and this could be Rihanna's, but something tells me that she's not right for the role. Even though she could bring an empathy to the part that some other women couldn't, I don't know if that qualifies her to carry an entire film.

Jennifer Lopez broke onto the scene when she portrayed slain singer Selena in the movie Selena, but J. Lo was a relative unknown at the time. Rihanna, and any of these other potential actresses, would bring too much of their own baggage to Whitney. Doesn't matter if it's a boon to the role (like in the case of Rihanna knowing about domestic violence) or not, if Ms. Houston's biopic is done right, it will star an up and coming actress with little to no following.

Do you think Rihanna should play Whitney?


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suziejax suziejax


But I think its to soon for it

nonmember avatar Think

That makes me want to punch Rihanna in the face.

Was THAT too soon?

Melis... Melissa042807

Of all the girls mentioned, Rihanna looks the most like Whitney. And who knows, maybe she could pull it off. Jennifer Hudson scored an Oscar with no acting experience. 

But yeah, too soon to start talking about it. 

cocob... cocobeannns

Rihanna has acted. She is in Battleship. I know nothing about it, but she isn't playing herself. That I do know.

Rae.302 Rae.302

I don't think Rihanna's the best choice. I think she is too immature to play Whitney as she got older. I also believe the volatile years-long marriage Ms. Houston had with Bobby Brown was very different from the fairly brief relationship Rhianna had with Chris Brown. Yes, abuse is abuse, but I think having a long marriage and a child sort of makes things different. Lastly, I believe this film will probably portray Whitney as a lot of things: a singer, a star, a wife, a mother, a ball of energy, a person. I think 'victim' may be one of the last things on the list, if at all. So hopefully, an actress with a personal history of domestic abuse won't be relative to playing Whitney Houston anyway.

SoCal... SoCalCrazedMom

I think it a litte soon for a movie. Rihanna =ok if she wants to act then I suppose Chris can play Bobbie Brown

Raymond Williams

Rihanna is too big to play Whitney Houston. She's better than that. Not sure who even wants a Whitney Houston movie but now would be the time to do it. I now a terrible person like Brandy wants to play Whitney and she had her brother date her so she probably knows her a little bit. Likely couldn't pull off any of the singing though but they deserve each other. I can see why people would want Rihanna to play Whitney but does nothing for Rihanna so she should pass.

Cleona Vassell

I think Janelle Monae should play the role.

Yvonne Louise Rickman

Ms.Rhianna, and I say that "Gladly"!Is a beautiful Barbados young woman! Let's leave the "abuse Alone"! LIFE HAS GIVEN US ALL SOME TYPE OF ABUSE! OK! But, Jennifer Hudson, Beyonce and Vivi-ca Fox, are those compatible for that character! Rhianna, has a distinct foreign accent! HARD TO UNDERSTAND> yes, she is pretty enough for the part!

Raymond Williams

An actual actress who has been linked to the role is Meagan good. She's also too good to play the role but might accept it. She sings as well.

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