If Kurt & Blaine Are Gonna Split, It Better Be for One of These Hotties

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Kurt and BlaineIt's only been a full week since the last new episode of Glee, and I'm already counting down the days until this winter "break" is over. What's a gleek to do when their fave show is on hiatus? Well DUH, search the web for spoilers.

OK OK, I understand there are some people that want to hold out. But come on, my fellow McKinley High enthusiasts, there's some juicy gossip about a new cast member joining the set that you just have to hear about. Seems like Ryan Murphy and the crew are on the search for someone to play a devilishly handsome gay character. His name? Chandler. Ahhh! Could this hunk be a new love interest for Kurt? Could you IMAGINE what would happen if Kurt and Blaine broke up!? NO.

I'll pretend that thought didn't just cross my mind. However, there's no harm in fantasizing about a few cute celebs that would be perfect for the part. Starting with Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson: OK, so maybe Rob is a little bit busy for Glee. But can you imagine the kind of fierce energy that R. Patz could bring to the McKinley halls? I wouldn't hate staring at those baby blues every Tuesday night.

Channing Tatum: Um, I die. Literally. Call me weird, but I've had this awkward obsession with Channing ever since seeing Dear John. We already know that the man can dance after watching him in Step Up -- that's half the battle!

Rob Kardashian: Another dancing fool, it would be pretty sweet to see him step out of his reality comfort zone and try something a bit more ... scripted. Um, I think.

Albie Manzo: Something tells me this Real Housewives son could have a potential acting career in his future. If NeNe Leakes can break into the Glee cast, I bet he totally could too. Plus, he's uber handsome and has that innocent, sweet quality Kurt and Blaine could totally mesh with.

The Biebs: I think every middle school-aged girl would freak out over Justin Bieber on Glee. Seriously, it would be a brilliant choice on FOX's part. Talk about a ratings boost. Plus, Bieber is the TOTAL performing package. It's almost too perfect!

What celeb could you see joining the Glee cast?


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Crystal Achterkirch

NO Justin Bieber!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no just god no, He can stay sing his boy band songs or whatever, he can not sing in glee no...AND Kurt and Blaine will not break up.

Meaghan Mcirvin

I agree, NO BIEBER!!!! I would stop watching...

Cello Arcia


nonmember avatar Ana

Please, whoever this guy is, just let him be after Kurt and not Blaine. I'm tired of this notion that Blaine is somehow too good for Kurt. Give Kurt an admirer (one who isn't just projecting his own feelings about being gay onto Kurt like Karofsky).

Anya Flood Taylor


Ryan Flood Taylor

o hell no to the "Jbeebs". that would ruin tv. :(

Nicole Riccobon

NO JUSTIN BIEBER!!! THAT WOULD MAKE THE SO SUCK. Granted I will not stop watching it but I will dislike it a little. But Blaine and Kurt better not break up. They belong together.

nonmember avatar Ashlee

I think it should be someone good looking but not to popular already.

nonmember avatar Cameron


autod... autodidact

Please keep Glee Twilight-free. 

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