Natalie Portman Secretly Married? Her 'Wedding Ring' Says Yes! (VIDEO)

natalie portman and benjamin millepied red carpetNatalie Portman had been spotted out and about with engagement bling for some time, and we all know that she's been with baby daddy Benjamin Millepied since they met on the set of Black Swan. But when she walked the red carpet at the Oscars on Sunday night, eyebrows shot up at the appearance of something new: Extra bands, worn on Natalie's left hand, cozied up to her engagement ring. And Benjamin wore a simple band, as well. Whaaat? Could this mean the movie star is already hitched?

According to Jaime Wolf, a jeweler who also happens to be one of Millepied's dancer pals, they are wedding rings, designed by Wolf herself. Wolf reportedly created two diamond rings for Natalie, made to fit on either side of her engagement ring (pretty), and a platinum band for Benjamin. The rings are eco-friendly, made with recycled materials and conflict-free bling. Love it!

Still, the Portman-Millepied camp is mum on the topic, but that hasn't stopped the clucking about Nat's alleged "secret wedding."


How could she even think of possibly getting hitched without doing the cover of Us Weekly or at least having her publicist issue a statement? Hrrummph! Doesn't she realize ... she's a CELEB?

No, but, seriously. Natalie is famous, but that doesn't mean we're entitled to be informed ASAP on her every last personal moment. Sure, we're pretty spoiled these days when it comes to getting up-to-the-minute gossip on our favorite stars, so I get why it seems outrageous that we haven't heard about her rumored "I do"s until now. But ... oh well! I'm actually really impressed if she pulled the wool over the public's eyes, and we had no clue!

She doesn't owe it to the public to share that very special news. No star does (with the exception of the ones who are constantly throwing themselves into the limelight, I suppose). What's more, it seems like the more of their personal lives that Hollywood types share with the world (ahem, reality TV!), the more doomed their relationships become. So who could hold it against her for keeping her wedding details to herself?

Truth be told, there could very well be a Vogue or Elle or Vanity Fair story out soon that features gushy details from the actress. Maybe eventually we'll get a glimpse at her wedding dress. But hopefully all of that will develop on Natalie's terms.

Here's a video with more details:











Are you surprised? Do you think Natalie and Benjamin are actually married?


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