Robert Pattinson Appears to Dig Strip Clubs. That's Hot.

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robert pattinsonJust when we thought that Robert Pattinson couldn't possibly become any more desirable to women, he had to go ahead and give the impression that he might be somewhat of a bad boy. For whatever reason, most gals just can't seem to resist the whole naughty vibe -- especially when it comes from someone as hunky and mysterious as Rob.

When he's doing the whole Edward Cullen thing, he may be a bit old-fashioned and tame when it comes to romancing the ladies. However, it sounds like in real life, he lets his primal urges take over a bit. (Grrr!) Because even though everyone knows that Robert is super-serious with Kristen Stewart right now, he still enjoys popping into strip clubs on occasion. In fact, he may have even gone to one in Berlin with his own Dad. Yes, I said his Dad.

Apparently someone took him over to the KitKatClub (such a classy name for the joint) while he was in Germany, and then he told his dear old Pop all about the place, who then suggested that they go there together sometime. Huh. Heading out to a strip club for night out on the town complete with a little eye candy really takes father-son bonding to a whole new level, doesn't it?

Of course, the whole idea of men visiting strip clubs is usually frowned upon, to say the least, and oftentimes it can get them labeled as complete sleaze-balls. But then again, it's not like Rob is a married father of two with a high-level executive job who visits places like the KitKatClub on a consistent basis and charges lap dances to the company credit card so his wife won't find out. Something like that would make him a huge jack ass for sure. Nope -- he's just a gorgeous young actor in Hollywood who likes to do typical "young-guy" things once in a while. Can you blame him for taking advantage of this carefree time in his life?

And something tells me that when Rob does visit such establishments, he knows how to conduct himself like a gentleman. He can't totally shake the Edward Cullen vibe, right? A little bit of "bad-boy" goes a long way. And Rob has just enough edge about him to keep us hungry for more while still being totally in love with his more subtle side.

Does Robert's bad-boy side make him even more desirable?


Image via Pacific Coast News

robert pattinson


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Rhiannon Wong

grow back the sexy look rob so much sexyer longer yummy.....

Stacey. Stacey.

He is gross.

Lela Neff

I'd dance for him ANYTIME!!!


aneela aneela


nonmember avatar Megan

Stay away from those skanks Rob! This does not make you more desirable!

nonmember avatar Jessica

I would love to dance for him, if I saw him when I worked at a strip club, he would never forget me! Love me some Robert Pattinson

LOswa... LOswald0314

Not really. I don't even find him attractive.  I remember when everyone found out he was going to play the role of Edward and people were so upset because he's not good looking....his fame has made people blind I guess!!

nonmember avatar brandi lynn

Omg he is so hot an yes it sure does!!!!

Christie Scibior

That doesn't make him hot...It makes him like every other disgusting male out there...

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