Season 14 Cast of 'DWTS' Feeds Some Crazy Nostalgia -- I Can't Wait!

The cast of Season 14 of Dancing With the Stars was revealed (finally!) on Good Morning America Tuesday morning, and while there have been an insane amount of rumors, the truth is still pretty exciting.

Usually the show is announced at night (often during The Bachelor), but this season, they decided to do it a little differently. This meant an early morning for hosts Brooke Burke Charvet and Tom Bergeron who were up at 2:30 a.m. But it was all worth it!

At 3 a.m. Bergeron tweeted:

2:30. Up. Showered. Shaved. Coffee. Car keys. Ready to head to GMA Hollywood set for DWTS Season 14 announcement. Wait. Oh, right. Clothes.

The things they do for their craft! Of course, we are all here for one reason and one reason only, so with no further ado, the new cast is:

  1. Maria Menounos: Hello eye candy television host. Wonder if she will dance in a bikini. Did anyone else get a weird vibe from Charvet toward Menounos? Why not. She is the younger version of Charvet and may be vying for her job at some point.
  2. Jack Wagner: Former soap star Jack Wagner is a Top 40 singer? Who knew?! Anyway, he is going to be fun to watch, no? He should provide some entertainment if for no other reason than to mock.
  3. Sherri Shepherd: Meh. She should be funny, but I am no fan of hers.
  4. Melissa Gilbert: Laura Ingalls in the house (off the prairie, natch)!!! She looks amazing and my early money is on her. She will be dancing with Maksim (Maks) Chmerkovskiy who is back (thank goodness!!).
  5. Donald Driver: The Green Bay Packers receiver is a big man. Not sure how he will dance, but he should be fun to watch.
  6. William Levy: I have never heard of him before, but I had seen him in the JLo video for "I'm Into You" and wow. We'll take him! Do I sense another Gilles Marini in the house?
  7. Katherine Jenkins: A gorgeous opera star. It should be interesting if her lungs can help her on the dance floor!
  8. Gavin DeGraw: Isn't he kind of still famous? This one is a surprise (to me). Usually the cast skews a bit older and, um, how do I say this nicely? Um, has-beens? Yeah. DeGraw not so much.
  9. Martina Navratilova: She is a great one. I have no idea how she will dance, but Navratilova was one of the heroes of my childhood (I played a lot of tennis), so I have big hopes for her.
  10. Roshon Fegan: Another Disney Channel star. I would say snooze, but the past two have surprised me, so never say never, right?
  11. Jaleel White: Urkel!! Truly, I am thrilled about this one. TWO of my favorite stars of childhood. Plus, when did he grow up? He is looking pretty hot, no? Am I crazy?
  12. Gladys Knight: She is a classic and my guess is she will do well. And if not, at least she will sing in the finale, right? Please tell me I am right!

The first four stars were already leaked online, so they were no big surprise, but Jaleel White and Navratilova were big shocks. I am excited in general and can't wait to see Urkel and little Laura from Little House dance!

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criss... crissydancer05

i dont know a good lot of them, at least by name. But im excited to see melissa and jaleel. Yea!

Pam Sanders

Wow..This is a must see!!

Maxine C. Whitt

Love the star line up. Can't wait!

tween... tweenkletoes


Edith Alvares

William Levy really!!! He's a famous spanish soap star, a hot ass one at that. Oh well!!!!! Exited to see Jaleel, Melissa,Jack and Gladys along with fellow returning cast mates.

lalas... lalasmama2007

Ehh...I don't even know who several of them are!

godde... goddess99

Yeah. There are some good people.

Tina Walter Nealen

I only know who Melissa Gilbert, Jaleel WHite, & Jack Wagner are out of this group. I know one is on the View, which I don't watch, one is a GB Packer, which is a team I don't like, and Gladys Knight, who should be pretty old by now. So my votes will go for one of the 1st 3 I mentioned.

Katrina McCabe

ya jaleel l bet he will do well and go far ,gladys knight should too ,sherri shepard i bet she will be the light of the show with her comedy..this season  will be worth watching :)

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