'Bachelor' Recap: Courtney Is Clearly NOT the Crazy One

Everyone knows that one of the silliest things Bachelor contestants do is come back for more after they get kicked off a show to get a second chance and to "warn" about the other girls (or men). It did not work for Jake Pavelka or Ali Fedotowski and it certainly did not work for Kacie B with Ben Flajnik. Ah yes, poor, sad Kacie B.

Did she really fly all the way to Switzerland to make a complete ass of herself? In fact, she did.

Seriously, Kacie B. just pulled a cardinal Bachelor sin. Has she not watched the past dozen seasons? Besides, she is wrong about Courtney.

Courtney apologized for the way she treated the women, which really should be enough. After all, she was thrown into a situation with more than a dozen women she barely new and then asked to compete for a man. Who could blame her for going a little bit nuts?

The fact is, Kacie B. does not know any better than Ben what kind of person Courtney is and the fact that she thinks she does? Speaks volumes about why she needed to be sent home.

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Kacie B. was a silly little girl who thought she was in love before she even met Ben Flajnik. One look at his greasy hair and she swooned. They had nothing in common -- he is a party boy who makes wine and she is a Southern girl whose dad does not drink -- but she thought she could will it to be so.

It does not work that way, Kacie B. Courtney had no obligation to be Kacie's friend. She was there for Ben and she is going to get him (my guess). While I am not surprised ABC would fly Kacie out to stir the pot and create good drama, I am surprised that she would be so dumb to agree to it.

What did she think would happen? Has she never seen the show before?

Of course it ended with her on the floor in the hotel sobbing. There was no other possible ending. She only proved Ben made the right decision. Onwards and upwards, right? We are down to two now and my money is on Courtney.

Do you think Kacie B. acted crazy?


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lalas... lalasmama2007

I don't think it's a smart move when any of them go back after they have been eliminated.

Krist... KristinRox

I dont think she necessarily acted "crazy". I think that she got her feelings hurt. She obviously had more invested in the relationship then he did. It was hard for her to know that because Ben didnt give any hint that things werent great. It was a blind sided tactic if you ask me. He could have at least somewhat warned her. I think she was desperate to make sure that he really didnt want her, and thats why she flew to switzerland. I mean I was even blind sided. Like where the heck did this Nicki girl come from.. I didnt even notice her until last week. Kacie would have been a much better pick then her. 

I think Kacie knows a different side of Courtney she obviously acted quite crazy in the house. SEVERAL girls noted that. Not just Kacie. 

All in all I think Courtney is a match for Ben. I think Ben isnt all that attractive, and hes a bit weird.. Courtney is a good match for that. 

Pamela Williams-Lawes

Courtney is crazy. Everyone has seen and heard her comments,and how she isn't in it for love but to win it....... This isn't a context to see who is going to win a prize. Its about LOVE. And if he picks Courtney to marry, he will be broken hearted. Sorry, but thats my opinion.

nonmember avatar qwerty

I really think Ben is a cyborg. I have NEVER seen anyone with less emotion or personality in my LIFE, even actors who play corpses on CSI have more life in them than this guy. Kacie isn't crazy, just very immature and sheltered. And Ben and Courtney are mutually using each other. And hey, Kacie got a free trip to Switzerland out if it (Yes, the show pays when someone does this nearly every season)

nonmember avatar Danielle

Your wrong!!!! Kaci B is not crazy!!! She is the best choice for ben and ben was stupid to not have her at the rose ceremony when chris asked did he want her back... He should have asked her back and kept lindze and kaci... Kaci is still my favorite!!!! But now, that stupid ben let her go TWICE, I hope Linze wins bens heart because Courtney is just awful!!!!

Si Brunk

Great write up! I agree 10000% with what you say of Kacie b and Courtney. Kacie knew Courtney what 4 weeks, and thinks she is evil and bad..when in fact Courtney was the one with a clear game plan from the get go..ie go for Ben..eye on the prize..She had one mission to win Ben..not make friends with these girls...I must say it was brilliant and the best strategy I ever seen any bachelor person play. The Kacie b going to the Swiss Alps to warn Ben?? WHAT? Awkward!! I think she was given a free vacation there to do a 10 minute talk for drama..And beings she never left TN state before the Bachelor show..well I guess who can blame her..But I dont think Id make a complete fool out of myself for a 3,000 USD paid vacation to see the Swiss alps for 2 days..Just not worth it.
Also Kacie B 'loved' Ben as mush as a 16 year old girl feel in love with Leonardo Decaprio on the Titanic movie..its called puppy love. She had what 2 one on one dates and 3 groups dates and is madly in love?? Unmm real life most normal couples do that many dates in like 2 weeks time..and generally the love word in real life dont come until around 2-3 months of dating.
Also the comment on her hair...well she tries the best she can on that..

nonmember avatar Michelle

Courtney apologized for the way she treated the women, which really should be enough. After all, she was thrown into a situation with more than a dozen women she barely new and then asked to compete for a man. Who could blame her for going a little bit nuts?

UMMMM, everyone else was in the EXACT same situation. Did they go a little nuts? No. Courtney was obviously told to apologize and did it after the show aired as directed by producers. Is anyone really that gullible to think Courtney is genuine? She is an insecure, narcissistic twit. Her only saving grace is she brings a bit of humor to an incredibly dull season.

nonmember avatar Trudi

In sure kacie's trip was gladly paid for and encouraged by the show to add to the drama. Courtney is obviously not sincerely interested in Ben and if he picks her he will be played as I'm sure he will because if he's taken her this far he's an idiot. He'll be passing up a real possibility to become a Bachelor joke!!!

nonmember avatar Mirm

I agree thoroughly with Qwerty. Ben IS a cyborg in a monkey costume and deserves to end up with Courtney. Despite all the warnings and his own observations he keeps picking her.

Oh she apologized so its water under the bridge? Hardly. Her behavior shows incredibly weak and poor character, and that can't be fixed with an "I'm sorry".

I think Ben's complete lack of affect and Coutney's lack of character make a great match.

mamivon2 mamivon2

She might have acted a little bit crazy

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