Jokes About Angelina Jolie's Leg Bring the Nation Together (PHOTO)

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angelina jolie legLet it be known, folks: where there's malignant will, there's a way to make Angelina Jolie's ridiculous leg pose even more absurd. Thanks to the Internet and some still anonymous crafty Photoshop work, we have this fantastic image of Angie spread-eagle on the red carpet. And you know, listen. She was kind of asking for it. All night she was throwing her lean limb out at us like an egomaniacal leg wrestler, and it was only a matter of time before someone took to the world wide web to take the piss out of her. Tee. Hee.

Her behavior last night was bizarre. When she presented for Best Adapted Screenplay, she got up to the podium, thrust out her pale stem, then ... paused ... and stood there waiting for applause that never came.

Why? Because no one at home or in the audience was quite sure how to react. Was she getting ready to pop a baby out? Mount a horse? Was it like a laugh with her thing, or like a laugh at her thing? Was it even OK to laugh? God it was confusing.

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Clearly, something was up. She was posing as I'd imagine Alana "Honey Boo Boo Child" Holler would if she were on the Oscars stage. Totally over exaggerated, totally clueless as to how she's coming across, totally a symbol that there's something very, very wrong with America today.

But, you know, from the way the nation has reacted, from Twitter to office water cooler one-liners to this Photoshopped image, the jokes about Angie's leg-endary performance are reassuring in a way that, in fact, proves that there's a lot right with this country, too.

What did you think of Angie's leg propulsion?


h/t The Gloss

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Marie Nellist

I think she had too much wine before showing up to the Oscars......

ltf124 ltf124

she needs a tan and some food.

Eva Shell

She is just proof of what we always thought of her, a slut! now an anorexic slut!

Lisa Polley

I'm more concerned with the fact that she skeltor skinny. She looks gross all bony and angular! Eat something!!!

nonmember avatar LB

angelina is beautiful,jealous people, quit hating!!!

jenni... jenniamigo

lol i thought she was just being funny


MrsKi... MrsKillpeople

Maybe she was high or drunk?

leona... leonaserenity

Love you Jolie.  They say it is funy but girl is a skinny hot! lol


Gail Young

The Oscars were typically boring until she was mocked by Jim Rash.When he jutted his hip out, I just cracked up. But the funniest part of all has been the creative photo shopping I have seen.

heart... heartnhidin

I think she looks unhealthly thin,  I was reading an article where it says she will fast for weeks because of the children who are going hungry around the world. As far as her legs well that was awkward

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