Stacy Keibler Can Thank George Clooney for Her Oscars 'It Girl' Status

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She was one of the most eye-catching belles at the Oscar ball last night, which is no small feat considering her competition. Glittering in a Marchesa gown, Stacy Keibler ruled the red carpet next to her Armani-clad date, and today she's one of the hottest topics on the Internet.

Not bad for a former table-dancing pro wrestler known as "Super Stacy."

You could say her dizzying rise to A-lister status began when she joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars during its second season, but most people would probably agree there's one specific reason that Stacy Keibler has suddenly become a household word: the Clooney Effect.

I mean, with all due respect to her Hollywood resume, would she have attracted quite so much attention at the Oscars if she wasn't on George Clooney's arm? For that matter, would she have even been invited to the Oscars?

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To her credit, Keibler seems to have more personality and sparkle than some of Clooney's past arm-candy choices, without the gift for gabbing to the press that reportedly got Elisabetta Canalis kicked to the curb. They certainly make a fantastic-looking couple: at 5'11" Keibler is perfectly matched with her same-height boyfriend, and the fact that she wore a dress that seemed to evoke the Oscar statue itself created a lot of buzz. (Personally, I didn't love it—the roll-like shape on her hip was too distracting. Mmmmm . . . gold Cinnabon.)

Still, it must be a little weird to know that you're only on top of the world because of the man you're dating—and worse, that your fame has an expiration date. At some point,
Clooney will gently dump her, because he always dumps his girlfriends, and she'll be a little more famous than she would have been . . . but hardly the literal golden girl she is now. Meanwhile, some new fresh-faced beauty will start showing up in all the magazines, because hey, who's this delicious minx that George is banging NOW?

Without the Clooney Effect, most of us wouldn't know who Keibler is. She's been a model, a WWE girl, and has had a smattering of film and TV appearances that include playing "the hot bartender" on How I Met Your Mother once—but last night she was a bona-fide member of Hollywood royalty.

Of course, it remains to be seen if she'll still be accepted as same once she's no longer on Clooney's side, but I'm guessing that's a bridge she's willing to cross at a later date. The Clooney Effect may be temporary, but I bet the ride is sure fun while it lasts.

Do you think Stacy Keibler's Oscars popularity is thanks to George Clooney?

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Aeris... AerisKate

Maybe some of it, but not all of it. I knew who she was a long time ago.  I think it's funny when news articles refer to her as "Clooney's girlfriend" and not by name.  She made a name for herself on her own in the wrestling world and on DWTS.  Maybe she isn't as famous as some of these people there, but it's not like she was some unknown that he started dating.  Also, she would look beautiful in that dress no matter who her date was. 

godde... goddess99

Ah yeah maybe a little bit!! lol

ceciliam ceciliam

Yes....I think so!

nonmember avatar dagny

In a few more years, he's going to look silly taking girls young enough to be his daughter to the Oscars....

suziejax suziejax

Yes I think so for sure

nonmember avatar ceeli

i don't see the problem here. they're not putting on fake pda shows or acting like they're having some hot love affair. yeah, she's probably just his arm jewelry but so what? they seem to have a good rapport and enjoy each other's company. and don't forget, it's george's choice to have her around.

nonmember avatar Jennifer

That's a stupid question. Of course! She wouldn't have even BEEN at the Oscars if she weren't dating Clooney!

Nancy... NancyJ422

I only became aware of her from DWTS and nothing else until she became George's girlfriend.  I imagine that once they cease to be a couple I will hear nothing from her again.  Unless, like Elisabetta, she starts to date one of the boys from MTV's "Jackass".

nonmember avatar Sher

I had no idea who she was till DWTS!

nonmember avatar Kate

Isn't that how Elizabeth Hurley got her start, as the Oscars date for Hugh Grant? And then his infamous cheating and her acting career, but she was unknown until she was on his arm.

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