Thank God Sacha Baron Cohen 'Ashed' Ryan Seacrest (VIDEO)

sacha baron cohenI liken the 84th Academy Awards to watching paint dry while tiny drips of water smack me in the same spot on my forehead over and over and over again. The show was boring and redundant and tortuous. We heard the same jokes we always hear. We saw the same people we always see (most with the same face as one another). And as much as I love Billy Crystal, we watched the exact opening monologue we thought we would see. All in all, the show was one giant yawn factory.

So thank God for Sacha Baron Cohen. His stunt of spilling "Kim Jong-II's ashes" onto Ryan Seacrest may not have been the most eloquently-executed of jokes, but dude, it was the only unexpected thing of the evening. 

I did feel sort of bad for the usually calm Seacrest, who was visibly irritated. He seems like a nice guy. But I kind of enjoyed Cohen's prank at the same time. It didn't crack me up or anything, but it was the only portion of the evening that left me kind of bewildered. I was like, "Wait, was that real? Was Ryan in on the joke? Are those security people legit or in on this?"

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It's a bummer that "Admiral General Aladeen's" joke had to be at somebody's expense. But I guess if it had to be at anybody's, Ryan was the best person. His reaction was calm enough to not make things too awkward and uncomfortable. But the little bit of awkwardness that was there was pretty much the most interesting part of the night.

Check out the video:

What did you think of Sacha Baron Cohen's stunt?


Image via BBC Worldwide/ 5minmedia

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Kwiat2 Kwiat2

It was very disrespectful. Would you feel the same way if he had done it to a woman wearing an expensive gown who had obviously taken much time and effort to get ready? Just because he's a guy wearing a tux, doesn't make it any better. And it was even funny.

Kwiat2 Kwiat2

*wasn't even funny.

Aeris... AerisKate

I agree with Kwiat2.  It was just rude.  Nobody wants powder dumped all over their clothes, especially when they are at an event where they are supposed to look nice.  I am sure that tux was $$ and Seacrest probably spent a lot of time getting ready.   Now, if everyone was in on the joke, fine.  However, it's pretty obvious that this stunt was not planned.  I'd be angry if I was at the biggest awards show for actors, spent all that time getting ready, spent all that money on my outfit, and some dude throws power all over me. 

bills... billsfan1104

I thought it was rude too, but what was funny was when Sasha said "if anyone asks what you are wearing, just say "i am wearing kim jong ll"

godde... goddess99

It's classic Sacha. I thought is was unnecessary but funny none the less.

ceciliam ceciliam

He is so not funny!

suziejax suziejax

He is not so funny anymore 

sweet... sweetcherry_59

This guy's act has gotten old and repetitive. It's the same crap as Borat just a different costume. It was funny the first time around but now I'm thinking he can't do anything but recycle the same used a dried up act. I had high hopes for his red carpet appearance after all of the speculation but this left me annoyed.

I think what he did to Seacrest was rude, disrespectful, and completely unfunny. He needs to come up with a new act or go away. Like a PP said, if he had done this to a woman in a gown would you feel differently? I'm sure Seacrest spent just as much time as those ladies getting ready...he should have been treated with more respect than that.

nonmember avatar Platypus Rockin

Of course Ryan Seacrest deserved this. Anything remotely close to violence against a man is justified, isn't it, Nicole?

amy7243 amy7243

He is always rude!!! Its to be expected.

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