Rihanna's Jaw-Dropping Chris Brown Collaboration Is Exploitive & Wrong

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Well, it seems the rumors are true, Rihanna and Chris Brown really are back together ... in the studio, anyway. On Monday the ex-couple both tweeted out links to not one, but two brand new musical collaborations: Rihanna sings in the remix of Brown's "Turn Up the Music," and the remix of Rihanna's "Birthday Cake" features Brown's voice.

Two great tastes that taste great together? Or would you say it's more on the tasteless side, considering it's only been 12 months since Rihanna lifted the restraining order that she had against Brown following his brutal assault on her in 2009?

Personally, I'm not sure it was a smart move for Rihanna to take part in this collaboration. She's clearly moved on, but her fans may not be quite ready to hear a song in which Chris Brown sings about how he can't wait to "give it to her in the worst way."

In a way, I can kind of understand their frustration with the public interest in their relationship. What Brown did to Rihanna in 2009 was beyond sick (read the police report for the full details of what went down that night, if you can stomach it), but it's certainly not up to us to decide what kind of contact is appropriate for them to have with each other. Rihanna's been pretty clear all along that she didn't hold any bad feelings against Brown—she even said in 2010 that she was happy for his success after the assault:

It’s incredible to see how he pulled out the way he did. Even when the world seemed like it was against him, you know? I really like the music he’s putting out. I’m a fan of his stuff. I’ve always been a fan. I would never wish anything horrible for him. Never. I never have.

I've never agreed with the idea that Rihanna has any sort of responsibility to be a role model to young people, and it's pretty clear she's never wanted anything to do with being the poster child for abused women. If she wants to be friends with Chris Brown, that's her business, not ours. That said, I'm pretty surprised that they chose to collaborate this way—especially when you listen to Brown singing on "Birthday Cake."

Girl I wanna fuck you right now
Been a long time, I've been missing your body
Let me, Let me turn the lights down
When I wanna go down, it’s a private party
Ooh it’s not even her birthday
But I wanna lick the icing off
Give it to her in the worst way
Can’t wait to blow her candles out

Here's the whole song (lyrics are rated R, obvs):

I mean, I get it: the remix is deliberately controversial, and the collaborations were specifically set up to get people talking and attract media attention and ultimately drive album sales. Which is to say: GROSS, RIHANNA.

It's one thing to move on from the past, it's another to mine it for marketing purposes. All the interest swirling around these new remixes is stemming from an incident of
domestic violence, and the purposefully shocking lyrics are pretty much custom-designed to make us remember that incident. That's why I'm disappointed in Rihanna for the collaboration—not because she has a responsibility to avoid Brown for the rest of his days, but because with this song, she's essentially exploiting the abuse.

You can't deny this was a clever business move, but I wonder if it was worth the cost—especially to Rihanna's fans.

What do you think about Rihanna and Chris Brown's remixes?

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hotrd... hotrdumommy

I can't even get mad at either one of them. Is it exploiting a relationship that ended in violence? Of course it is. However, everytime a blog goes up. Everytime another celebrity bad mouths CB (Hi Miranda!) a new fan is created and another dollar goes into both of their pockets. The past is the past I'm sorry to say and it's time for the world to just sigh and move on. P.S. I love the Birthday Cake Remix!!!

nonmember avatar D

They are both stupid.

nonmember avatar Vanessa

I wish she just would've extended the original. Still a great song though.

Kwiat2 Kwiat2

I think it's completely exploitive of the circumstances and tasteless. I'd actually rather them make an honest effort to be together, at least that would be real, than conjure up this PR move for money and attention.

Also the lyrics are just gross and vulgar. I'm glad this stuff wasn't around when I was a teenage girl.

Loref... Lorefield

It's funny that people think it's totally ok for some people exploit bad things that have happened to them and not others. Let's face it, they are entertainers, and they want to make money. That's their job!

MrsSi... MrsSimonsen

Both are talentless

Sidthe Sidthe

They are deliberately creating controversy (BOTH of them) to sell music...not that hard a thing to figure out... IDC none of my business what Rihanna decides to do with Chris Brown hopefully she's being smart about it and not doing it by herself.

mik1of3 mik1of3

Rihanna started the fight with Chris...and he finished it.  They had a history of doing that all over the world.  She lost the fight and threw down the victim/ gender card.  I've thought this since day one and everything I've seen just reinforces my opinion.
Her duet with Eminem.  Her CD. And now this.  She's capitalizing on it, she's exploiting it,  she's profiting of it, the same way she has since it happened.

And people still want to blame HIM? 

nonmember avatar JengoMango

These two deserve each other, and their fans deserve these two. This is just sick.

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