'Bachelor' Recap: Evil Courtney's Wedding Vows For Ben Were Totally Stolen

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courtney robertsonOMG. If there were any question of whether or not Courtney Robertson is totally trying to pull a fast one on Ben Flajnik this season, then her hometown date tonight where she made him go through a mock wedding totally sealed the deal.

And as much as we would've loved for her to be the girl who got sent home this week on The Bachelor, it looks like Court will be sticking around for a bit longer. Because Ben is totally buying what she's selling. Too bad it's FAKE.

I mean -- PLEASE tell me that I'm not the only one who caught the fact that the vows she personally wrote for Ben had an all too familiar ring to them. No -- you're not crazy. She totally stole them from Carrie Bradshaw in the series finale of Sex and the City.

Courtney started off her vows to Ben by saying:

I'm looking for love -- Real love, passionate, consuming, can't live without each other love.

Um -- are you KIDDING me? Did Court really say those words to Ben -- or did I accidentally stumble across a rerun of Sex and the City while I was flipping channels?

Because this is Carrie Bradshaw's famous quote:

I'm looking for love. Real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can't-live-without-each-other love.

I seriously don't know whether to laugh at the fact that Courtney is so pathetic that she can't even pen her own words, or get up and yell at the TV because it's just completely unacceptable for anyone to disrespect Carrie Bradshaw in that manner. As a writer and die-hard SATC fan, I'm beyond appalled.

And while we'd all love for Ben to finally see through Courtney and realize just how incredibly insane she is -- he only seemed to fall even deeper in love with her tonight. Most dudes would make up some lame excuse and totally run for the hills if the girl they were dating suggested that they take part in a fake wedding. But not Ben. Then again, he has seen her naked before, so his judgement is probably kinda clouded.

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It's no shock that Courtney survived the rose ceremony and will be sticking around for at least another week. And honestly, it's not a huge surprise that Kacie Boguskie wound up getting sent home.

After all, Kacie's hometown date somewhat resembled something out of a bad country song. I'm thinking it goes something like this, "My Daddy don't drink, and he'll put you in prison if you do. And he's not lettin' me move to San Francisco either, cause my home is here in Tennessee, where the local football field is named after my granddaddy."

Watching Ben attempt to interact with Kacie's family was beyond painful. Bottom line -- they just aren't ready to let go of their little girl. And honestly, she really seems like she needs to work her way through the whole rebellious teenager thing before she's ready to tie the knot. She's a sweet gal -- and she'll be ok. A few good hugs and a nice cold glass of iced tea should mend her wounds just fine.

And as far as the other two hometown dates that Ben had tonight go -- well, they were pretty decent. Lindzi and Nicki are both really nice girls with really nice and normal families. Their parents seem like wonderful, down-to-earth people, not to mention the fact that both of these ladies are grounded, independent, and know what they want in life. Too bad Ben seems like normal just isn't his thing.

One thing's for sure -- if Ben does wind up proposing to Courtney Robertson at the end of the show, he might want to stock up on Sex and the City DVDs before the actual wedding ceremony. They may come in handy -- or even give him some good material that Court might enjoy. (Winning).

Are you shocked that Courtney is still a contender for Ben's affections?


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clown... clowngrrl

I HATE WHORETNEY!!!! She's a model? rlly? For what?? Bitchface cream? I do not like her at all. I was happy when Blakely was kicked out, but I can't believe Ben is this stupid. But then again, look at that haircut. What grown man past the age of 14 has a douchey haircut like that? He is distracted by Whoretney's slut moves, acting like a petulant child. So, according to some blind items I've been reading, he supposedly picks her. Whatever. She's clearly in it to win it, not for Ben. This is the most unromantic show I've ever watched. Why would women want to stand in line, hoping they get picked? If anyone thinks this is a Cinderella/Prince Charming situation, they need to re-think what real romance truly is....Rant.Over.

nonmember avatar p8nsmom11

The Bachelor Ben is an idiot.Ok so I see why he let Kasey B go although I am dissapointed.If it want for her parents she would probably still be there.I hate Courtney and everything about her screams "fake" and she doesn't hold a candle look wise to Linzsi & Nicki.

nonmember avatar Deani

It's interesting that Courtney keeps calling the other women "little girls", when she's the one who keeps whining and pouting like a 5-yr-old. And HELLO, am I the only one who's noticed she flat-out lied to Ben several times? I thought he had intelligence & character, but if he falls for her, and can't see how evil & fake she is, he just deserves what he gets.

Lee Merrill Schell

I think they are a perfect couple!! The other girls can do better than a guy who can be that easily manipulated!

Charlessa Coats Springberg

ok Courtney really needs to go... but oddly i think she makes it to the end then Ben proposes and she turns him down... They have hinted that someone at the end does a 180 and somehow i think it will end up with Ben being the first Bachelor to be dissed... he will strike out just like he did on the Bachelorette.

Teresa Lair

I am pretty sure Ben played Alfalfa in his younger years.

lalas... lalasmama2007

If he is dumb enough to keep her around this long...he deserves her!

LOswa... LOswald0314

I was trying to figure out where I'd heard that line before!!

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