'Real Housewives of Atlanta' Recap: Sheree Makes a Shady Move

Real Housewives of Atlanta It’s not like anyone thought it would last, but all of the bonding after the ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta visited the African orphanage was a lovely to see. For about two seconds they realized the world was bigger than them and their ridiculously petty problems, and they bonded over sex positions, bones thrown by a creepy medicine man, and a good time had by all.  But, to quote Phaedra Parks: “That would be just too much like right for these wrong girls.”

After the pajama party hosted by Nene Leakes and Marlo Hampton, they were all to meet for another safari in the morning. Only Marlo claimed she was sick. Maybe it was the work of the medicine man as they speculated, or maybe she just wanted to stay in bed.  Either way, NeNe donned some latex gloves and stayed back to kiss her ass take care of her. That means it was Cynthia Bailey with the Smalls. All alone.

With a Tall in their midst, the Smalls couldn’t resist the chance to talk about Marlo and her materialistic ways. And really, when you bring 29 pair of designer shoes to an impoverished country for a short stay, you're just asking for it. Cynthia -- who repeatedly shows her two faces -- pretty much admitted that she finds her a bit overboard too, and very much tried to let the ladies know that she’s not like that.

At some point the conversation turned to Kim Zolciak, and Cynthia said she couldn't see her in an orphanage holding little African babies. Kandi Burruss said she didn’t really see Kim coming on the trip at all, especially because of her troubles with NeNe. Meanwhile no one was paying any attention to gorgeous animals along the route.

Suddenly, NeNe realized, OMG Cynthia was alone with the Talls and had to be saved from their clutches. So, leaving sick Marlo behind, she went to the buffet in the bush complaining about the bugs and demanding workers fan her food. Her presence quickly changed Cynthia’s tune who then started defending Marlo and her fashion.

The next day the Smalls give Kim a call, and out of nowhere Sheree Whitfield decided to throw Kandi under the bus and tell her that she said she couldn’t see Kim holding an African baby in an orphanage. That, of course, pissed Kim off and drug her right  into the drama from around the world.  Why Sheree had to say that I have no idea . Even if Kandi did say that – which she really didn’t, though she did seem to agree with Cynthia -- why the need to tell Kim like that? Maybe she was just pissed that the medicine man told her she was too old and would never be married again after he threw her bones. Regardless, it was a shady move on Sheree's part that led to more drama.

Of course then Kandi had to take her turn and throw Cynthia under the bus. When calling Marlo out for her incessant bragging and materialism she told Marlo that she wasn’t the only one who saw this, and said most of them -- even Cynthia -- had acknowledged it too.

There was also a ridiculous who’s the boss conversation that was just mind numbing as is the whole Talls vs. Smalls thing all together. NeNe said Kim is the captain of the Smalls ship, and that she is the boss of the Talls. No one agreed; everyone started yelling; and just like that, all of those warm memories of bonding at the orphanage were a distant memory.

“Somehow even over here we managed to get back to the B.S. As quickly as things changed, they stayed the same,” Cynthia said.  It's hard to imagine it any other way though.

Which lady did you feel had the worst behavior on tonight’s episode?

Image via Bravo

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slw123 slw123

I'm tired of these Housewives shows.

MamaM... MamaMandee

I didnt watch but I like NeNe from other things I watch. 

jessi... jessicasmom1

Yet another one I don't watch

mille... millerbunch

another one i do not care to watch

nonmember avatar kay

While I don't think that sheree needed to say anything to Kim, what she said WAS the truth. Cynthia sad he didn't see Kim at the orphanage holding African babies and Kandi said she didn't see Kim in the villages or orphanage or in Africa in general. So yes, Kandi did say see couldn't see Kim at the orphanage. I mean they replayed that scene like twice just to show us what really happened.

Mbpea... Mbpeaceful12

I want to have sympathy for Sharee (Bob's big and ignorant ass not paying child support and she has to raise the children on her own), yet when she betrays her friends...Like mentioned by someone else, she talked major mess about Phaedra when Phaedra agreed to help her out (on a discount). So I should not have been surprised when she put words in Kandi's mouth, but I was.

I was liking Cynthia when she was with the smalls, but like someone else said, as soon as NeNe showed up, she changed her entire tune.

Everyone thinks that this show is trashy. I love it! I cannot wait until the ladies get back to ATL and to see what other drama is going to pop off!

I also cannot wait for the "Basketball Wives" tonight! Yes, Lord! I have my two liter Diet Pepsi ready!

ceciliam ceciliam

I don't watch the housewives of Atlanta...only NJ & NYC.

mamivon2 mamivon2

I dont watch this show..

suziejax suziejax

I didn't know there was a real housewives of Atlanta 

nonmember avatar donnita keller

i think cynthia iz fake as hell and i truly beleave marlo needs to have everything taken away from her dumbass...... kandi i think is the most decent one on their sheeri is just tryin to hold on and phadra dnt know wat to say about her........ nene is still just tryin to figure it out.... but cynthia iz fake no dout!!!!!!!!! kim was smart enought pull herself out of all th drama.

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