Broadcasting Whitney Houston's Funeral Live Might Be a Bad Idea

whitney houston fans
Whitney Houston fans hold vigil outside Whigham Funeral Home
Whitney Houston wasn't the first celebrity to suffer a sudden and tragic death, but it looks like she'll be the first celebrity whose funeral is streamed live on the Internet. Apparently Houston's publicist has chosen one person who will be allowed inside New Jersey's New Hope Baptist Church -- the church where Houston sang as a child -- to broadcast the service live.

One person who will allow millions of fans a way to participate in an incredibly personal grieving process.

On the one hand, the idea to stream the funeral live could be interpreted as a gesture of appreciation for all those who loved Whitney Houston's music. The message: Houston's fans were part of her family.

Still, I can't help but wonder ... how will Whitney's real family feel about sharing such a private moment with the world?


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Obviously her family members approved the idea, so for now I'm assuming they're okay with it. But in my experience, you can never really predict how you're going to handle a loved one's funeral. Reactions range from numb detachment to complete emotional breakdown. The tears are as likely to flow throughout the service as they are to hold off until days later when all the friends and relatives have gone home.

Depending on their reaction, Houston's family might regret having the funeral broadcast in real time, particularly when you consider the fact that once the footage goes live, it will never, ever go away. Will the world at large be consistently respectful to Houston's nearest and dearest in the way they present the images and sounds of their sorrow?

I'd like to think so, but I doubt it.

Do you think Whitney Houston's family will regret streaming her funeral live?

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