'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Shouldn't Lose Custody of Bentley

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Ryan Edwards Maci BookoutRemember when Maci Bookout was the shining star of MTV's reality series Teen Mom? The Tennessee teen who got pregnant with baby Bentley the first time seemed like she had it so together that she didn't really belong on the same show that's brought us human trainwrecks like Amber Portwood and Jenelle Evans. But rumors that she's in for a custody battle with ex-fiance Ryan Edwards are dragging down this ubermama's reputation big time.

The Star (I know, I know, but hear me out) is claiming Edwards is filing for full custody of Bentley because Maci has taken up the party girl lifestyle. OK, so it's just a tabloid, buuuuut, let's examine the evidence here.

Sadly, it seems the rumors we didn't want to be true about Maci being dumped by her menschy boyfriend Kyle King may have some meat to them after all. Kyle has been tweeting pictures of Bentley over the past few days with comments like "rough" and "miss u lil buddy." And Maci's grandpa Bookout has passed away, a major life moment that can send anyone over the edge. Partying it up and dropping her baby boy with daddy would fit the MO of a post-break-up, post-family death teenage girl.

And crazy as it sounds, Ryan really seems to have gotten his act together. He spent last season of Teen Mom being egged on by his mom to file for custody of the little boy, and he seemed to be taking things out on Maci out of spite more so than any real desire to be his son's number one.

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But now the tables have turned. He's the one in a steady relationship with Dalis Connell, a student at nearby Tennessee Tech, and he's doing grown up things these days like helping fund-raise for the Ronald McDonald House and chilling at HOME with his son watching Cars 2 instead of partying with his boys.

It's not a stretch to think Ryan is finally up for playing happy families with his girlfriend and son. In that sense, a move for full custody falls right in line with his path to adulthood. 

And it's good to hear! Bentley needs a grown-up daddy!

But that doesn't mean he doesn't need his mommy too. Maci has done such a good job under the combined pressures of being a teen mom and a reality star at the same time. Even if she's caved under recent pressures, she seems like the girl who can right the apple cart.

Here's hoping any changes in custody for these two put them on equal footing. Shared custody with two good parents would be the very best thing to happen to Bentley.

Did you see Maci headed down this path?


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Sierr... SierraLynn

It's dreadful on anyone to lose a family member. Especially one you're close to. I don't think she deserves to lose custody, even if she has been out and about a little more often right now. Even mind need to de stress and find a balance on the situation. I say I'd its true, give her some time. I highly doubt she is dropping her son off for days on end without anyone hearing from her. I doubt she has put her son in any danger. There is no reason a judge will grant full custody with the statement made above.

shell... shellyplatz

I'll belive it when it doesn't come from a crap filled magazine!

mamivon2 mamivon2

I have no idea who these people are..

Kara Newton

joint custody may be what they both need, but not sole custody to Ryan. Bentley has been with his mom for so long, turning the tables on him could only lead to disaster for everyone involved.

nonmember avatar joelsmom

Of course ryan wants custody now, bently's not a baby anymore. the hard part of raising a baby is over. Funny how when bently was first born ryan could care less, now that hes a toddler ryan wants to be a part of the kids life and take him away from maci.. fathers like this make me sick, they have a word for them where i come from "sperm donor"

nonmember avatar lyndsey

First of all, if You don't know these people, why waste you time And comment..second, I wish Ryan's family and any family for that matter in the same situation would butt the hell out. Lastly, Maci is a fabulous mom and Ryan and his mommy cannot file for custody every second they think she has done wrong. A judge won't go for it.

Madel... Madelaine

I dont watch

Eve.Gem Eve.Gem

I am still trying to fatham that there is a reality show out there exploiting these children and bad choices, then they make money off it and continue the bad choices of rewarding them.  It's all very sad, the innocent deserve better.  I don't know any of them, but I feel for the child more than anything else.

nonmember avatar Wilsot

I dont beleive it! Take it from someone who has been in severe litigation within the last few years over custody. I dont think any judge would just take a child from their mother permently because their partying. Even with severe deugs, alchohal, and addiction involved it is still very hard to get this done! I wish the best for them both to co-parent togethor for bentley

nonmember avatar Liz

If Maci really is hitting the bottle, and not coping well, it may be best for Bentley to go and live with Ryan for a while, so long as she still has access. I think maci has started to think that she is invincible and untouchable... Sad. And if she cared about what was best for Bentley she should taper off contact between Kyle and Benny. I hope Maci can regroup, and get herself back together.

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