Jennifer Aniston Slams Brad Pitt -- It’s Underhanded & Glorious

Jennifer AnistonThe interview we've been waiting seven years for has finally been printed: Jennifer Aniston has at last talked smack about Brad Pitt. After reading countless insensitive quotes from Pitt himself, perusing infinite hurtful and false rag mag headlines, and seeing nauseating photo after nauseating photo of Brad and Angie gazing borderline inappropriately into each other's eyes, Jen's getting hers. She recently told GQ that marriage to Brad Pitt "blew."

Okay, well, she sort of said that. Her actual quote was, "Oh, my God, my thirties blew! Forties are great." But. You guys. Jennifer Aniston spent the majority of her 30s married to Brad Pitt. So, don't you see? Indirect insult. The best kind of insult a celebrity can give. If criticized, Jen can simply say, "What are you talking about? That's not what I meant" and walk away totally unscathed. The woman, unlike her former diarrhea-mouthed husband, is a genius.

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Want to hear something ironic, and the tiniest bit (not really) unfair, though? Nobody's gonna say boo to Jen for saying that her 30s sucked -- despite the fact that it can totally be construed into "my marriage to Brad Pitt sucked." Because not only is she normally unbelievably cordial when speaking on the subject (almost to a fault, if you ask me), but her marriage to Brad Pitt did suck. He left her for another woman and paraded it around like a g.d. Thanksgiving Day float. How could one look back on something like that fondly?

On the other hand, though, if Pitt ever made such a comment (which he wouldn't; he seems to fancy more direct fare), everybody would be all over him, calling him an insensitive jerk, a heartless a-hole, etc. He would be eaten alive. Burned at the stake! Not Jen, though. Jen can say what she wants. Because she's conducted herself with aplomb and grace in the past few years, never saying a single negative thing about Brad or his new lady.

In other words, she's earned it. And it's a beautiful thing.

Do you think Jen's comment was an indirect slam to Brad Pitt?


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kebrowni kebrowni

No. And I think people need to stop obsessing over those two...they divorced several years ago! Move on already.

ArmyGal ArmyGal

He said it sucked and he was ripped apart. She says it sucks and she's praised? Yeah okay. Everyone needs to move on. A&J has lasted longer then their marriage. People get on with your lives.

happy... happymama0609

?? Trying to make a mountain  out of a mole hill I see. She could have been talking about anything in her 30's, not her marriage. It is a shame the media will always dissect what these two have to say about each other. Obviously she has moved on from it, why can't other people? It is not like you were the ones scorned.

nonmember avatar nobozo

If it was bad for her, can't imagine how awful it was for him being married to her.

nonmember avatar Guest

I love Jennifer, but this article is ridiculous and does her no favors. Stop trying to imbue meaning into her words that wasn't there to begin with.

The difference between what she said and what Pitt said is that he brought his marriage into his statements about feeling "pathetic" and he was married to Jennifer. Her comments in no way brought her ex into the mix. Half of her 30s was spent divorced from Pitt, so you reading anything into a reference to her 30s as being a hit against her ex is meaningless. She has said and shown by her actions that she is long over Pitt. And I wish the media, bloggers, tabloids, etc. would follow suit. She's in a relationship now with a guy who respects her and it enough to keep it private when asked (aside from saying he is very happy). They seem very much in love and have bought a house together. Please let's allow her to move on.

Anne4222 Anne4222

Her marriage didn't suck. He left her so that sucks. So she wasted her precious 30s on the wrong man...

2love 2love

Wow if shes not over insulting him after seven years apparently the new guy ismt that awesome. Honestly i think this article is just ridiculous though i seriously doubt thats what she meant.

Krist... KristinRox

Yeah I think it was an indirect insult to him. The marriage did suck, the breakup did suck... part of her 30`s sucked because of Brad`s asshatness. 

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