Justin Bieber's Touching Valentine's Date Will Make You a Belieber (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber and Avalanna Routh
Justin Bieber gets a kiss on the cheek from fan Avalanna Routh
These days, just about anyone with an Internet connection or television has an opinion about Justin Bieber. But whether you love him, hate him, or simply cringe every time you hear an adolescent girl shriek his name, you gotta admit the kid has become a force to be reckoned with. But I've wondered if the fame has made him lose that genuine, down-to-earth vibe he and his mom have been marketing since day one ... Now, it looks like we have our answer.

The pop star went on a Valentine's Day date with one of his biggest fans yesterday. But she's not your average little girl suffering from a common case of Bieber Fever. Avalanna Routh is a 6-year-old who has for most of her young life battled an aggressive and rare form of cancer known as ATRT that is diagnosed in less than 30 cases per year.

The Biebs learned about Routh after the Jimmy Fund gave the little girl a pretend marriage to Bieber, giving her the nickname "Mrs. Bieber," and later, her family created a Facebook page dedicated to somehow arranging a meeting between their daughter and the singer. Excitingly, it was only a matter of time before her wish came true. Bieber decided to fly Routh and her family into NYC for a one-on-one.

Wait, and somehow, it gets even better/cuter. During their "date," Justin and Avalanna played board games, signed autographs for each other, and Avalanna was even able to mess with Bieber's infamous hairdo and style it to her liking. Ha! How totally sweet. And wait, ready for the real heart-melting details?

After the meet-up, Bieber tweeted, "That was one of the best things I have ever done. She was AWESOME. Feeling really inspired right now." Awwww! What a sweetheart. Good for him for taking the time to really bond with Avalanna Routh. Sounds like the guy really isn't a jaded superstar after all!

Here's the really cute footage of Avalanna and Justin from the TODAY show ...

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How cute is this??


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godde... goddess99

So cute. She's a honey.

Amanda 'Panda' Borton

I don't listen to his music, but I think he's such a sweetheart. He's a good role model. He's respectful and compassionate.

BPayne09 BPayne09

His music drives me up the wall but he seems to be a very sweet person. This was just precious!

Stacey. Stacey.

This actually made me respect him. He must have wonderful parents.

amy7243 amy7243

Aww this brought tears to my eyes!!! I love him!!!

happy... happymama0609

That is so freaking sweet!

Krist... KristinRox

What a sweet boy. Good for him. 

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